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So, downloaded the game. Opinions requested.

Sassy_Gay_UnicornSassy_Gay_Unicorn Member UncommonPosts: 316

I recently downloaded Vindictus on a whim, knowing nothing of what to expect. I admit I have only gotten as far as character creation and the first area. 

I like the art style and the writing was surprisingly good. HOWEVER, I am a big cosmetics guy. I checked out the in-game shop, and there were plenty of cool outfits.

They were very expensive though. For the set I was looking at it would have been $20.00 . 

Now I don't mind paying that to support the game if I like it, as long as there are also cool outfits I can earn in game without spending cash. 

So can you do that? Or do you look like a dork unless you spend the moolah?


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