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Review scoring

phumbabaphumbaba Member Posts: 138

Not saying that the scoring categories chosen (gameplay, visuals and sound, polish, longevity and value) are in any way bad, but they are quite general. What I mean is, you can apply them to any video game and produce a total score. Logically, that is their purpose, but is it beneficial? Wouldn't it be more beneficial to players to categorize games first and then utilize a scoring system tailored to each category? At least, from my point of view, it would.

I'm not going to delve into how to categorize games, but I have a feeling that would come quite naturally after implementing some more in depth scoring methods. An option to the game categories would be to stop giving total scores and only link to the reviews, but I don't think you'd want to do that.

I'll outline an example of what I've had in mind for a somewhat more complex game category.  The score order is completely random.


Fluidity, entertainment value, effects, (skill factor) etc.

Systems and interactions

Systems that enrich the game and gameplay. For example trading, environmental systems, arenas, ow-pvp... The key to scoring is, how well the systems interact with each other producing emergent gameplay.

Visuals and sound


Degrees of freedom

On rails, guided, partially guided, sandboxy etc.. off-combat content.


Very much intertwined with other scores, but needed to evaluate how well e.g. combat skill factor, systems and different interactions fit with what could be describe the scope of the game. As well as, how player experience throughout the game as a whole makes sense and feels complete. Not just the game's plot, mind you.



As you can see, my example is quite ruthless so it would perhaps make sense not to score more simple games with it. For some games, it would on the other hand be quite a bit more informative and easier to use than the current one. With all due respect:)


  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 11,004

    Its already been pointed out that any system that tries to score games, is fundamentally flawed, replacing one system with another would just be silly.

     Instead of having scores of any kind, which are singularly uninformative anyway, far better to have more descriptive reviews, gameplay examples etc rather than trying to pigeonhole games into some arbitrary scoring system that is rarely fit for purpose.image

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