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Reddit Forum Mods turned North Korea



  • FranBuniFF12FranBuniFF12 Member UncommonPosts: 7
    Originally posted by justmemyselfandi
    Originally posted by FranBuniFF12



    In truth I love and adore WildStar, and I want nothing more than for it to succeed, did my emotions blind me? Probably so, but nothing was going to stop me from standing up for my ideals and doing what I thought was right.

    Many people praised what I had done, including a BioWare employee and NCSoft's  Director of Community and Social.

    I was only doing what I thought was best for WildStar.


    I'm sorry, but after seeing your latest post on your Facebook page, I have to say you need to stay away from anything online community related. I do not say that with malice, but out of an actual concern.

    When losing a mod position on a mostly crap website equals "a huge chunk of my world fell apart", you have issues that NEED to be addressed. And honestly, online gaming boards are the LAST place anyone with a fragile state of mind needs to be. I have no doubt you meant well, regardless of how you ultimately handled the situation.

    I have a brother who is bi-polar. I myself suffer from extreme anxiety and occasionally debilitating depression, which is one of many probable reasons I'm such an asshole in general to most people. So don't think I don't understand, I do.

    The difference between my situation and yours, though? I can THRIVE in a hostile environment. You cannot, at least not presently.

    Get help, focus on yourself, get YOU squared away, THEN decide whether you really want to deal with internet crap as a job or even a hobby.

    Regardless, I do wish you the best and hope you find your way.


    What the hell are you creeping on my facebook for?

    Thank you for your consideration but 1 you aren't a therapist, and 2 why in the world would you be going after my facebook page?

    And I'm not a he.

    I live in female only housing, kinda can't be a "he" and do that.

  • SoliloquySoliloquy Member CommonPosts: 128

    Ok, I think this thread has run its course and the story is over and done with.


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