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NA[Malboro] Orb is Recruiting for Coil Teams

MadisynMadisyn Member Posts: 8
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Our FC coil teams are in need of 1 Healer and 6 DPS (3 ranged and 3 melee). Getting these will give us 3 full coil teams.


We generally raid during the week starting around 8pm EST. We tend to run for 2hrs or more depending on the group and if people are willing and schedules permit for pushing progression. Our groups are new, but not all of us are new to coil. We want to push 3.0 Heavensward content on release so we want to take this month prior to it's release to get to know our teams strengths and weaknesses. We want someone with the desire to learn and clear content relatively quickly. We would like to have our groups at least attempting T13 by the expansion launch or close to it.


What we expect from you:

*-Be able to make scheduled raid times
*-Use Teamspeak to keep in contact outside of raid times and be able to use ts3 during raid
*-Know your class and role
*-Be able to learn encounters and react accordingly
*-Learn from mistakes don&#39;t mindlessly repeat them!
*-Have a good attitude, be able to give/receive criticism as needed
*-You should always want to improve yourself and your character.
*-Be 18+ years old


If you have any questions or you're interested in a spot, feel free to PM me here, leave a comment, or message me in-game: Madisyn Thor'is on Malboro, FC Master,


I am also willing to meet you on the Ts3 to answer any questions you may have.

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