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Returning Players - Here's Some Stuff You Should Do

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*Copy From A Reddit Post*

So I'm back with WS, and I spent some time this weekend checking out all the new stuff and had a blast. They have done a great job building momentum by giving the common player some fun goals to work towards.

However, I was pretty overwhelmed at first as there is a severe lack of online resources around this game at the moment. I'd like to see this momentum keep building, and so I'm hoping this 'guide' that I started making to help out a few friends just returning will also help reduce the overload some new players are experiencing. Just a warning - I'm certainly no expert on the subject. I've been playing here and there since launch, but have missed large portions of releases and am just now catching up. Any comments or additions would certainly be appreciated.

Setting Up

First - uninstall all of your addons. A bunch are broken and no longer supported, a bunch have been replaced with better options. I selected some off of this list. I'd suggest getting your UI and some quality of life addons first, and then you can figure out more advanced dungeon/raid addons. I highly recommend: ForgeUI, Junkit, Vortex Meter, IconLoot, Tapthat, Runemaster *(i suggest GroupFinder*

Second - Find your LFM Channel (such as EntityLFM on my server) and join it. This is where you'll find out about group content going on.

Third - Join a guild. If you're Dominion on Entity, you should join my guild. I'm specifically seeking out new players to run some of the content that the veteran players aren't really interested in anymore, and for learning runs and what not. I'll add my contact info at the bottom of this posting. If you're a filthy Exile or on one of the European servers, I'm sure there are plenty of guilds out there that are noob/returning player friendly.

Gearing Up

There are finally some really great paths to gearing up that were implemented in the past few drops. Crafted gear can no longer be made pre-raid BiS (for the most part) and you're much better off doing various content to gear up.


This is a great way for a new player wanting to gear up to get some really nice gear. You'll gear up faster doing Vet SSM, but you probably aren't ready for that as a fresh 50. Contracts can be done solo for the most part. Each contract you turn in gives you some loot and fills up your contract bar. As you pass thresholds, you unlock rewards including some really solid starter epics and finally a raid-quality epic once you fill the bar all the way. Once you get the 5th and final reward (5000 points), you start over and can run through the whole thing again for more loot. You'll want to visit the contract vendor to get started (ask your city guards) and read through the available contracts. Pick up three that you think you can tackle and go do them. You have to return to the contract vendor to turn them in and pick up more. There are three tiers of contracts.

  • Tier 3 contracts offer the best rewards and generally has you doing one of the big world events like Scorchwing, Lightspire, or the new Star-Comm event. Just pay attention in the LFM channels - which ever event is the daily will likely be done basically every time it pops. There are also vet dungeon and adventure tier 3 contracts. The adventure ones should be no problem, but the vet dungeons are no joke and these might be more difficult to get done. You can try if you'd like, or just skip the tier 3 that day until you're ready for vets. You can do one tier 3 contract per day for 450 contract points.

  • Tier 2 contracts give 150 points each and you have three available to you per day. These are quite easy, things like killing mobs in the daily questing areas. Make sure you do all 3 of these every day.

  • Tier 1 contracts give 50 points and you can repeat as often as you want. These take as long as the tier 2 contracts but for a lower reward. I only do these when I'm out of Tier 2&3, or when I just needed a few more points to hit the next tier.

Veteran Shiphands

These can be easily soloed or done in a group of up to three. You can queue up for them through group finder and you'll get an instant pop. To get the best rewards, shoot for a gold medal. To do this, you just need to complete all objectives and optionals within a time limit. I don't believe deaths matter - I've only died once doing them, but still got gold. This is a good way to farm renown, plat, and some decent entry level gear. As you complete them, you unlock a vendor selling entry level blues for some renown. Also, once you gold all vet shiphands, you can purchase an AMP point unlock for a very small amount of renown.

Daily Rep Zones

There are now five zones with dailies for rep, along with the one-off R-12 event. Transports to the five zones have been added in the Capital Cities for ease in travel. I'd suggest picking one or two, and making sure you do them every day. Go check out the reward vendors in each zone and see which has the most appealing stuff to help you make your choice. I'd estimate it takes 2-4 weeks to hit Beloved with any specific rep doing the dailies every day. Once you hit Beloved, you unlock the ability to purchase one or two epics items from the vendor, along with either an Amp or Ability point unlock token.

Weekly Elder Gem Boost

There is a bounty board in your major city that you can visit once per week to unlock a quest for 40 bonus elder gems. There are 3 different quests (Questing, Group Content, or PvP) and as you complete dungeons, quests or BGs, it gives you credit. If you play throughout the week, you'll generally complete this without any additional effort and it's a nice bonus 40 EGs.


You'll want to work on your GA attunement, and there's a simple quest chain to get attuned for the new 20 man boss-in-a-box Augmentors as well. The GA attunement has been made a bit easier since launch. A great way to help cap out your Faction Rep for the Beloved faction rep step is to use the protostar promissory notes you get from completing contracts to boost your faction rep. There should be a vendor to do this right by the contract board. Also made easier - the vet dungeon step. You no longer need silver dungeons, only bronze. This means that as long as you can slog through each vet dungeon 1 time, completing all optionals along the way, you will get attuned.

The Augmentors attunement takes place in the Defile daily zone. I don't recall if I had to pick up the quest or if it was just given to me, but you'll be doing some stuff for the freebots. Just head to the main quest hub in the defile (the transport from your main city takes you there) and look for quests involving freebots, then work through that chain.

I'll leave it here for now. This should provide newly returned or new to 50 players a good starting point for experiencing the content. A shameless plug - my guild, Omicron Persei 8, is a good place to get re-acclimated to the game. I don't mind if you just hop in for a few days or weeks to get started and then join a more serious guild if that's what you're interested in. Hit me up in game (my main is Nug Kill, dominion side on the Entity server) if you're interested.'''

*Original Post


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