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WOW 2?



  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441
    ApexTKM said:
    I never understood the concepts of MMO sequels, just make a brand new mmo or if you want your franchise to keep running keep expanding it with expansions instead of making a new game all together. I understand the business side of things they want a boost for more money and maybe a remaster but definitely not a WoW 2.
    It is like with all sequels: fans of the original game will buy it. More then a few game sequels including GW2 could just used a new world but kept the old since the IPs have many fans.

    Of course Blizzard could make a MMO out of any of their more popular IPs and it would get almost the same effect.
  • ValentinaValentina Member RarePosts: 1,925
    They never said they're not interested in putting resources to a WoW 2, they have been reluctant to talk about it at all but it is something they would do when it's right. I just don't think that time has quite approached, however I would wager they do have at least some sort of plan for it one day and probably do actively discuss and work on ideas for it.

    Personally, I used to not really want a WoW 2 but as time goes on I've changed my mind lol. I would love to see one, but only when they're capable of delivering something really next generation, many levels beyond what the current WoW manages to do. So probably not for several more years at best.
  • ThaneThane Member RarePosts: 3,494
    "WoW 2.0" actually was cataclysm (ofc not patch numbers-wise)

    i think IF blizz does a new mmo, it surely won't be another warcraft, either starcraft, diablo, or maybe even titan after their frenchise test called overwatch worked out :)

    "I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!"

  • MrMelGibsonMrMelGibson Member EpicPosts: 3,022
    Blizzard has made it really clear they have zero interest in making another mmo of any kind. The risk, effort, work, time required is just more then they want to put into any project anymore. Alot of the key people that made WoW of old and brought Blizzard into the mmo market has long since moved on to other activities. 

    They have zero interest in doing another mmo so a WoW 2 or WoS is not anywhere remotely on the table. Even less so when a game like Hearth Stone bring in more money then WoW and costs a tiny fraction to run and develop for.
    I agree with what you're saying.  But I want to make a point that this is Blizzard today.  In a few years say WoW might start losing even more subs to the point where they might consider F2P etc.  Then I imagine some new mmo comes out.  Maybe the new Amazon mmo.  It brings something fresh to the table.  Blizzard does what Blizzard does best and takes that idea and puts their own ideas into it and bam either new mmo or WoW 2/WoS.

    This is only my opinion of course.  But I doubt Blizzard will ever be out of the mmo market.  I think they might just be out of the traditional mmorpg market.  I could totally see them doing a starcraft mmo that was similar to The Division in mechanics but also employed melee as well.  That would be awesome imo.  I imagine in the next few years we'll see if i'm right.
  • WaritaWarita Newbie CommonPosts: 2
    I think that in the next few years we will see if we are right.
  • rpmcmurphyrpmcmurphy Member EpicPosts: 3,480
    Thane said:
    i think IF blizz does a new mmo, it surely won't be another warcraft, either starcraft, diablo, or maybe even titan after their frenchise test called overwatch worked out :)
    Yeah I think that is far more likely. Would really enjoy a Starcraft or Diablo based mmo.
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