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How do I get the Treasure Hunter subclass?

EridanixEridanix Member Posts: 426


After a couple of years I have decided to start again with L2 and would like to get the Treasure Hunter subclass, but I'm a total newbie and what is this subclass like and how do I get it?

Lineage2 is one of my fave games. I really enjoy it.


It is a question of fangs.


  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,196

    Make a Human Fighter then at level 20 choose the Rouge class. When you reach level 40 you will get the option of going Treasure Hunter ( Dagger ) or Hawkeye ( Archer ). Daggers are the highest Damage Dealers in game and the best pvp class. 

    Its been awhile since I have done the subclass but if I remember correctly at level 76 you can do a quest that unlocks a subclass. You can then choose a new class to play where you can switch back and forth from main class to subclass. Your sub will start at level 1 and you will have to level it up. If you get your main class level 85 and a subclass level 80 you then get an option to become a Noble which gives you better teleports and a buff that makes you keep your buffs after death.


    Edit: I said your sub starts at level 1 but it starts at level 40.


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