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Looking for a REPOP nation? Look no further!

The Allied Free Sentient's (AFS) is a newly operated nation focused on exploring and learning this vast game. Many of us are veterans of games such as Star Wars Galaxies, Tabula Rasa (hence the name) and Fallen Earth. We are a structured and focused nation thats ultimate goal is to prosper in the game. We require no experience for you to join, if you are a new player we welcome you and hope to help you get situated with the complexity of TRR. We are in no way experts but every day we learn a little more and our members benefit from that experience. This game is all about the adventure just like SWG and TR was and i hope to bring that experience to our new members.

- US Time Zones
- Willingness to listen and learn
- Mature and fun attitude
- Teamspeak 3

- Learn from those who are learning with you.
- Experience and play the game with others.
- Fun community with interesting people.
- Teamspeak is used by all members.
- Various expeditions into new areas with teams in search for knowledge and resources.
- Want to focus on crafting? Our military branch is here to secure and harvest resources for you to process.

Our community has been around since SWG, many members from that time are leaders now and others are leaders in other games. Try us out with no obligation or give me a ring and you can come see if this community is right for you. Primary play times are from 5:00 PM EST - 1:00 AM EST (Many people stay longer depending on the day and their IRL work hours). To heck with no drama and dry communities/nations, thats what made SWG so great. The intense dramatic action and events that transpired during the time of the game. Anyone who played SWG long term has a story to tell and that is what we are looking to bring back.

If you are interested contact Daedaelus on the US East server by mail, reply to this thread or PM me on the forums.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Scott Daedaelus
Chief of AFS operations


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