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Tribunal[NA] - Up and coming Free Company is recruiting! Any are Welcome!

MCSkeptikMCSkeptik Member Posts: 2
Hello all!  I'm Skeptik(Skep Tik is my in game name), and me and my friends have recently made a new free company on the Faerie server.  So far, there's only 4 of us(yep, brand new lol) and we're looking to increase our numbers and make new friends.  We're currently Rank 5 and our leader is the popular Z'vion Ularra(in game name), or better known as Sync Weaver on youtube.  We're open to anyone and everyone who is in need of or desires a guild.  Especially if you want  highly active and entertaining members.  Again, we're on the Faerie server, and are looking for any players of all kinds(level and experience is irrelevant).  To those of you who are interested, LETS HAVE SOME FUN!  :)  
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