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[Phoenix] [EU] New free company is recruiting!

jennaxjennax Member Posts: 1

Hello! I have just formed a new casual free company within a week ago and are looking to recruit new members. We have around 5 members currently, each of us have two or three lvl 50 characters and some crafting. We would love to recruit new players to help them out as we know how hard it might be for people new to the game. We do plan on buying a house once we get to rank 6.

  • FC Name: House Homunculi (Fullmetal Alchemist-themed! :D)
  • Casual, social free company that will help players progress, we do run dungeons and raids occasionally but will not force others to do so. Play however you want! If anybody does need assistance with leveling, FATES, story dungeons or farming, we will be glad to help.
  • We are friendly and pretty funny. If interested, my in-game name is Neci Kaneki. You can also send a /tell to Luma Moon.
- Hope you'll join us! :)      


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