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[H] Nyx 2/7 M HM, 9/10 BRF (Cho'gall/Laughing Skull).

UnseenkillaUnseenkilla Member Posts: 10
Time to rebuild our ranks!

Nyx has moved off the desolate rock known as Arygos, and we're looking for capable raiders to join our ranks for future mythic content.

We are currently seeking capable members of all classes and roles to join us. Nyx is a casual raiding guild, whose core is composed of veteran raiders seeking to clear content at a more relaxed pace of 2 nights a week (Thursday, and Sunday 7pm-11pm server  CST). Most of us have been playing together since vanilla / TBC, and enjoy playing several other online games together. We only ask that prospective raiders dedicate themselves to learning their class and commit to the 2 nights.

What we are looking for:

As of May 2015, we are currently considering any capable raider, regardless of class or role. Our most dire needs include monks of any spec, balance/resto druids, and a capable hunter.

What our goals are:

Nyx aims to clear mythic content at focused, but relaxed pace. At current, we aim to rebuild out mythic raiding team now that we've transferred to Laughing Skull, as our previous realm was basically population: us.

Our other goals include:

Just having fun. We generally talk about what we want to do with extra time and offnights. Current interests include alt raids, Challenge modes, and games such as Hearthstone, Diablo, Killing Floor 2, and various other steam games.

Loot rules: 

Loot is simply open roll at the moment. We are accustomed to just talking it out, sharing the wealth, and passing to people who may need loot more. As the system has not seen abuse yet, there has been no need for a change.

Apply at or message Unseenkilla-Laughing Skull, or Keldar-Laughing Skull for more info
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