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InnerGeek Gaming community [Maguuma]

TangFiendTangFiend Member CommonPosts: 1

Looking for a teamspeak active social community of members to game with?  Enjoy all aspects of the game as long as its with others?   Then signing on with us is probably the right choice for you.


InnerGeek:GW2  is a newly founded subsidiary guild of our greater gaming community on facebook and teamspeak.  Founded in 2012 and over 120 members strong.       We also play SWTOR (as a successful raiding guild) actively as well as Archeage and a few other titles.   Our teamspeak is social and tight knit with a lot of laughs.    We have an events calender and do organized content at least weekly. 


For GW2 so far we're looking to get into organized WvW coordinating with other Maguuma guilds.  We and also do PvX and instanced content.   Right now our GW2 is smallish but growing steadily.   We are taking members of all experience levels with the only requirement being TS3 presence and use is mandatory.   Our members are primarily N. American and respective timezones.   Anyone interested can contact me in game TangFiend.5091


Our primary web portal is        Or sign up and msg me here (Ghrent).   There is a link to our TS on the website.


Our facebook page is


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