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[Midgardsormr] Cosmic Wheel <> Free Company

roojrooj Member UncommonPosts: 24

From our thread on the official Midgardsormr forums:

Our FC website:

We are most active from 7PM - 2AM Eastern time.

Named after a song from FFXI, Cosmic Wheel was formed on 10/11/13 and we've stayed active ever since. We are one of the oldest companies on the server. We pride ourselves in being polite, competent, and our refusal to exploit the game using 3rd party programs.

Our Philosophy

1. Enjoy ourselves. If we're not having fun, why play? We're not here to clear content the moment it is released or to play 24/7. We are made up of people with lives, jobs, children, marriages and more. We are friends who enjoy playing together.

2. Help one another. This is the foundation of a great free company, and is the foundation of Cosmic Wheel.

3. Be an example. So that outsiders look up to us. In both personality and ability.

4. Love and laughter. We're in this together. And laughter is one of the most important things in the world!

5. Tranquility. One of my personal favorite characteristics of our FC - we're 100% grade A drama free.

6. No cheating, botting, or 3rd party programs. It has come to my attention that many of the players who clear end-game content are doing so with the use of programs that make raiding much much easier. There is now a "Deadly Boss Mods" (from World of Warcraft) version for FFXIV amongst other programs as well. We will never condone the use of such programs and it's depressing to see players dampening the integrity of the game by using them. Nor do we condone any automated farming, gathering, crafting or spiritbonding using 3rd party programs.

We also do not share the gaming community's obsession with watching videos of content in order to make it easier to progress though. We see no reason to make content too easy, or to progress through it so quickly.

We gladly accept anyone who feels that they are a polite and competent player regardless of level. FFXIV is one of my favorite games ever, and I'm looking for people who love it just as well. The #1 goal in Cosmic Wheel is to enjoy yourself. We aren't after any server firsts or worried about beating or progressing through content as quickly possible. We're here to have fun with some awesome people.

The point of a free company is to find people with similar goals and interests - and to play together. If any of this has sparked your interest, you can respond here. Or visit You can also send a tell to:

Promyvion Vahzl

Dale Martel

Venus Eros

Quadrine Terrace

I also recommend that you view our recruitment information thread on our FC forums. If any of your questions or concerns are not answered, please just ask!

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