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The Bloodmoon Knights - Australian XBOX ONE Vampire Guild Now Recruiting! GMT+10

burdock2burdock2 Member UncommonPosts: 420

Greetings Immortals,


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome ye all to your new life! The Bloodmoon Knights is a Aldmeri Dominion Vampire Guild on XBOX ONE based in Australia. We will be comprised of the base three races, High Elves, Wood Elves and Kahjit, who have made the transitoin to immortal Vampire by bite or rite, and have banded together to solidify thier presence in Tamriel to the woe of all others. Also, all classes are welcome.

Myself, Burdock, was once a High Elven Templar of the Royal Court, until my fall from grace, embrace of the shadows embrace to be born again under the red moon. From that moment, my actions were dictated by cicrumstance and a driving destiny to gather fellow Vampires to the fold and build the community. Am I completly damned? Maybe. My one true lost ripped from me, and my heart given to darkness. All told, I am beyond redemption. Or am I? 

The Bloodmoon Knights is a Mature, Freindly and Social Guild, and I hope continue to build the Oceanic community. Since it is launching fresh on XBOX ONE, there of course wont be many vampires about, however, I intend to ascend fast and once I have been embraced in game will assist current and new joining members to become immortal. Some of the facets of the guild are are follows. Please read through these and if you feel that they dont suit your tastes, no hard feelings and ye shall leave unbitten. If though, Vampire is your calling in the lands of Tamriel, please take note of the folloiwng: 

  - Must be 18 years of Age or over. 

  - Must have a deep seated love and want to become a Vampire in game. 

  - Use of the XBOX ONE headset mandatory coupled with the ingame voice chat, and I will have Teamspeak 3 setup on this website if you move to a computer and to continue to chat. (Note - a headset is NOT mandatory if you want to use the website, but would be beneficial if we end up having Officers (Prelates) Meetings for ingame organisations). 

- There will not be any swearing (in forums and Voice Chat) , abuse, bullyng or anything else that could be considered offensive. You will recieve one warning, and if not heeded will be ejected from the Guild. 

- We are looking for any people willing to be Officers and Adminstators on this website, to help with the running of the Guild in and out of the game. 

Please check back later for a full Terms and Conduct list. 

Please spread the word to friends and family, all are welcome, including international. 

I look forward to seeing you in the Crypt! 

Burdock "Bloodmoon" Lightbringer

Fallen Templar High Elf. - Vampire King of Bloodmoon Knights.



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