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Goldmane Roar [XBOX ONE - NA] - Daggerfall Covenant - Mature - Organized - Ava - Casual - Roleplayi

LinkOjiodiLinkOjiodi Member CommonPosts: 2


Goldmane Roar is a PVP/PVE Roleplaying Daggerfall Covenant Guild the takes pride in guild member's ability to rise to leadership positions if proven worthy.

Learn more and Apply by going to our website. Apply and see your name added to the roster! Never play alone, make a difference, Our Roar is Law.

We focus on making lots of gold through crafting, trading, alchemy, theiving and pride ourselves on innovative thought and aspire to claim the Ruby Throne for Daggerfall Covenant

When Applying please ensure that you send a gamertag and character bio, we have a page dedicated to information about or guild members. Please add as much lore and backstory to your bio when applying, all of that information will be put on the guild website and branded into the history of Goldmane Roar!


Apply Here at our Website:

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