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Looking For New Game!

flatbro94flatbro94 Member Posts: 3

Hello Everybody!


I know I have posted at all here but you can call me Flat for short, since I know my profile name can be funny at times. Well I guess ill get straight to the point. I have been playing games off and on lately and I am really into MMORPGS mainly than anything, but I do have no problem playing any other game. Here is a list of games that I have most enjoyed.

World Of Tanks ( mmo ): I have played this game back in closed beta and open as well. I have sadly branched off of it, but it can be truly free to play as all you have do is invest time to get better tanks. Be aware though that you might have limited space for new tanks. I however do not know the amount of hours I have spent in the game.


Runes of Magic ( mmorpg ): This was one good game to play back then when I played in Chapter 1 - 2. But once you get to a certain level I believe it was 55+ it became almost paid to play cause in order for you get  good gear you had to spend a lot of money. Not that I have a money issue at all no more, back in those days I didn't have a job so I couldnt get good gear at all. So I basically took breaks from the game. But now I do not go back at all. I don't even know if any body plays this game at all anymore anyways. But if you do please enlighten me and tell me how the game is these days?


Rift ( mmorpg ): This game was very good in the beginning, I have played it for quite sometime. I haven't reached max level yet but I have also took breaks from this game as well. I do like however that its a wow clone. Love the way the do the classes to as well. I have played it for quite sometime.

TERA ( mmorpg ): I have never tried TERA. Any comments are welcome about the game. 

I would like to know your opinion on your favorite game right now.  An don't worry about it if its free to play or paid to play. For money its not and issue for me. 


  • SuntouchedSuntouched Member CommonPosts: 50

    You could give Archeage a try, its alot of fun even with all the negativity people have towards it. Theres alot you can do in the game, gliding around ( so relaxing) building houses/farms, pvp ( even pvping against your own faction and stealing there tradepacks), trade runs are also a fun feature in this game, you can build ships and fight each other or become a pirate or battle huge seamonsters. 


    Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn, this game is very polished, has a great community and looks great, the only problem i had with it is the combat was too slow for me.


    Elders Scrolls Online, good game, youll have fun in it, its not great but its pretty decent. Combats quite smooth, it looks good, large community, its just a bit hard to find people for mid lvl dungeons. But that might not be an issue any more with all the new players that have recently joined.

  • Azaron_NightbladeAzaron_Nightblade Member EpicPosts: 4,829

    I'm currently mainly playing SWTOR and TSW. (With a bit of Neverwinter and ESO on the side)

    NightHaven covered SWTOR pretty well already. I enjoy it for the great stories, laidback play style and of course the light sabers. image

    TSW on the other hand is more complex, has a more active combat system and challenging puzzles (investigation missions) and also offers excellent storylines. The setting's also a big draw for me, since you don't find a lot of modern fantasy MMOs. (Think World of Darkness and the Dresden Files to get an idea of things.)

    ESO offers a very beautiful world, with a deep and interesting history and lore. It also has some great story content and a fun combat system.

    My SWTOR referral link for those wanting to give the game a try. (Newbies get a welcome package while returning players get a few account upgrades to help with their preferred status.)

  • XantheAvalonXantheAvalon Member UncommonPosts: 28
    My favorite is a text based rpg MUD called Avalon: The Legend Lives. It is an amazingly immersive game with great PVP fighting that isn't won by who can create the best bot system but won by player skill, a legion warfare system that can be enjoyed whether you're new to the game or old by enlisting men in to armies, marching troops, besieging cities and conquering land. And if you enjoy commodity type skills they have farming and labors as a way to bring yourself some nice money by mining for ore, breeding animals, ploughing, planting and harvesting crops and so much more. Avalon is over 25 years old and still adding content. I've played for 19 years now and still don't get bored. It is free to play but I know you weren't worried about that. The atmosphere is friendly and helpful to novices.

    (Kylan and Xanthe on Avalon,, since 1996)

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