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Real Cash Economy Games

apb2011apb2011 Member UncommonPosts: 165

Are there any new real cash economy games out now? I know of Entropia Universe, Second Life, My Lands, AfterTime Diaries, and a few browser ones.

It seems that there haven't been any new ones that allow real money widthdrawls and deposits. Does anyone know of any new ones out now or coming out soon?


  • zeme111zeme111 Member Posts: 36

    There's also Planet of Dreams, I play it now

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    It's absolutely garbage though, made by 1 guy from Egypt, horrible translations, 2 maps made in 30 seconds with Unity's brush tool on terrain, 2 mobs that are copy and pasted, both premade assets used in Unity tutorials... the first mob is a robot copy and pasted for levels 1 to 14, the 2nd is shrek copy and pasted for levels 15 to 35. The max level is 36


    The thing is that the actual game is addicting, it's just... a skinner box straight up.


    There's 2 zones, the first zone goes up to level 15, the 2nd goes from level 16 to 35... in the 2nd zone you can get more global drops, stacks of items (first zone you only get 1 item at a time), and rare ultimate legend (UL) drops. A UL drop is a copy of current equipment with enhanced stats and can be repaired indefinitely, and there can only be 5 UL's of each piece of equipment... EVER.


    Here's my advice, first of all don't this game, 2nd if you're going to play it, beg for 2 power pills from the extremely friendly community and 1 shot the level 15s. Each power pill lasts 20 minutes and by the time you get through that 40 minutes you'll have level 15. At that point you go on the forums, beg for the introductory gift package from the developer who gives you 500 gift boxes. DON'T OPEN THESE GIFT BOXES. Sell them, for 750 PODC (the premium currency). That's worth $7.50. If you play your first hour right you can literally get minimum wage... after that... well... no promises.


    I've been playing a week free to play, right now I have 322 PODC ($3.22) in my inventory. I didn't sell my gift boxes but instead opened them all... that was a mistake that a lot of people make. The reason you should sell them is that a higher level player who buys them can make use of every single item efficiently, not a level 15... Right now I'm level 31 on my Warrior, 14 on my Medic, and level 2 on my Miner. The warrior kills mobs and collects hate bottles for the medics. The Medics use the hate bottles to cast fireballs on mobs and find parts of miner equipment. The warrior crafts the miner equipment. The miner uses the miner equipment to make weapons and armor for the warrior. The reason my miner is such low level is because the miner is behind a lot of pay walls and the game doesn't tell you how much the pay wall is going to be until you get to that level and there's not a wiki and the playerbase holds back that information because it's a RCE and knowledge is literally worth something. Who's to say that once I pay $5 for the first miner pay wall the next one won't be $10?


    So my plan is to chill as a warrior and farm hate bottles, then maybe use them to farm and sell miner parts... but I'm thinking that selling the hate bottles straight up is more profitable, the level 15 hate bottles are 10 cents each.

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  • apb2011apb2011 Member UncommonPosts: 165
    I'll check it out. I usually stay up to date on RCE games but I never heard of this one. Thanks for the tip.
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