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[R] and [E] are recruiting on [The Ebon Hawk]!!

Are you a Jedi looking for underground connections with the Sith Dark Council? What about a Bounty Hunter that needs information on a Republic military bounty? Or are you a Smuggler that needs to get through Imperial-controlled space? Well, I have the answer for you! Have you ever worried about crossing factions and losing touch with your friends on the other side? Why not join our guild? Two Factions, One Guild. The Knights of Shadow (KoS) is our Republic guild while the Order of Shadow Knights (OSK) is for the darker side. Not only do we offer cross-faction support; we also bring both sides together through our shared RaidCall channel. Join us on either Capital ship, visit our Strongholds, earn that sweet sweet 10% bonus to XP and Reputation. We have a little bit of everything! KoS/OSK is currently recruiting all new members regardless of species, class, level, prior SWTOR experience, etc. We are a casual guild that is focused on the improvement of our members whether through quest assistance, PvP Warzones, story mode and tactical Flashpoints, crafting, or just the knowledge that comes with veteran players, we want to help you!

Come check out OSK at: shadowknightsswtor.enjin.com

Come check out KoS at: knightsofshadow.guildlaunch.com


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