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LF MMORPG with extreme character customization a la Perfect World

KasseopeaKasseopea Member UncommonPosts: 28

Welp. My friend and i want to start a new MMORPG. It must be f2p (we are both broke atm) and allow roleplay (preferably with roleplay servers).


Normally Archage would be perfect for it, but he is dead set on having an MMORPG with massive character customization like Perfect World had it and he is too stubborn to understand that most games dont have such customization anymore. DC Universe would be a possibility too, but if i recall correct it became pretty pay2win after it was taken over in germany by pro7 and the 4ssholes wont allow to connect any other way.


Anyways, if you know a solution for this dilemma, please post it. (Please no "Well, pick game X, you told us that you have no money, but surely you can pay money nevertheless for this great game, right?" f2p means f2p)


  • KasseopeaKasseopea Member UncommonPosts: 28
    Originally posted by NightHaveN

    Wasn't that the one with videos on YouTube of how to do for example a Wolverine!

    If i remember right, the business model wasnt exactly awesome, almost p2w

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