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Just Resubbed To Wildstar and.... LOL.



  • simpliussimplius Member UncommonPosts: 1,134
    Originally posted by ReallyNow10

    I quit Wildstar because I felt it was just a little too on-rails for my tastes.  Had it been a bit less so, say more like vanilla WOW instead of Rift, in terms of open-ness and ability to wander without getting too off track from being able to do quests, I would have stuck with it.

    I know some folks had high level raiding issues with the difficulty, but I do not buy that as the reason the rest of the game emptied out.  A linear MMO is a one-note song that just doesn't play anymore in this market.

    yea, poor blizzard

    if they Work REALLY hard, maybe they can reach the same level of popularity , as TSW

  • daltaniousdaltanious Member UncommonPosts: 2,381
    Originally posted by FuryV

    Thought I'd try the game out again.  This was at 6.45pm today.  I logged in and was stood in the main Dominion city, right outside the auction house.  Saw absolutely nobody.  I said in map chat "Anybody around?"... Not a single reply for 10 minutes.  Tried again, same thing.  30 mins later I got a private message saying "You think that's bad? Check the auction house out" so I did.


    There wasn't a SINGLE listing on the auction house.  It's not only a ghost game, but their economy has gone to sh*t too... Infact it looks like there isn't any economy at all.  I was amazed to find absolutely NOTHING on the auction house.  I then tried to buy CREDD (gives you subscription for in game gold) and there was no CREDD available whatsoever.


    How can they expect to keep charging a sub for this when their main cities are ghost towns at peak times of the day and their auction house doesn't have a single item on it?  Literally nothing.

    I really had high hopes for Wildstar. Hoped will be my 4th best game of all times (after Wow, Swtor and Gw2) ... but lag and bugs (at start at least) killed it for me. Now have returned week or two ago and left after few days. Probably will not return. Besides terrible lag in cities (i know, i know, not all have lag, but I have and many have - if I can play Gw2, Wow, Swtor, ... all with much more demanding graphics, but make no mistake, I love Wildstar cartoony style, I can expect at least this from Wildstar) now that every1 is gone ... is impossible to so many quests that are elite. For the start they should remove group request from all PVE quests. Otherwise they will lose also that few players that would play. Snif, I'm very sad for how things are evolving for Wildstar. :-(

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