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Looking for a pve game with heavy gear farming

StyxaStyxa Member UncommonPosts: 76


as the title suggest i am searching for a specific kind of pve game. I loved old times, playing wow and running sholomance countless times just to get my hat. I really really dislike all this systems where you just have to grind your points, stones or whatever they call it and then you just buy your gear. I want something like "you want your awesome sword, then beat this dragon and hope for the best!"

Can you recommend ne something like this? I dont really care for pvp just need some good dungeons and epic boss fights with difficult mechanics and/or heavy movement. Something challanging and hard when it comes to pve contend.


  • StyxaStyxa Member UncommonPosts: 76

    Nothing so far? :-(


    maybe just something with good and hard pve thats not wow or realm reborn?

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 41,515
    Wildstar maybe?

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  • Covet78Covet78 Member UncommonPosts: 149

    TERA has some pretty hardcore geargrind and fun combat.


  • d_20d_20 Member RarePosts: 1,878
    Originally posted by Kyleran
    Wildstar maybe?

    This is what I was going to say.


    Also, I find WildStar's dungeons a lot of fun. Not everyone likes the attack telegraphing, so it may not be for you. I like it a lot, though.


    There's a ten-day free trial


    The starter zones are not that packed, though. The game needs more new players. It's easier to get a group on the Exile side for low level content (NA). Read up on it in the official forums. Hopefully, the population will pick up because it's a fun game.

  • StyxaStyxa Member UncommonPosts: 76
    Okay, seems I cant get past this points for gear thingy ourdays, so toss my hate for something like this aside.

    Wich mmorpg would you recommend for decent und chalanging pve? Only wildstar and/or tera?
  • HeroBringHeroBring Member Posts: 15
    That should be wow. there are tons of gear in wow
  • udonudon Member UncommonPosts: 1,803
    Originally posted by Styxa
    Okay, seems I cant get past this points for gear thingy ourdays, so toss my hate for something like this aside.

    Wich mmorpg would you recommend for decent und chalanging pve? Only wildstar and/or tera?

    Maybe give EQ2 a try?  There is a lot of grinding options once you hit 100 and are working on your Green 6 man group gear than your red 24 man raid gear.  Red armor is mostly patterns and there is a option to trade in Green gear that drops for shards that allow you buy the gear you want but it's a 1:10 conversion ratio so you are doing a lot of grinding runs unless you get lucky on the drops.  Plus each named only drops 1-2 pieces of gear per 6 man group so you have sharing to slow you down.  The only guarantee is the rewards from the daily and weekly quests but that's a random drop not a pattern so you don't know what you are getting.   Then there is jewelry, weapons and accessories which are 100% random drops.  Some of the better of these drops might require running dungeons for months to earn between the drop rates and the group mate NBG rolls.

    It's not a asian grinder but it still can be pretty involved if you want to maximize your toon.  You can get good results from crafted gear to but that only gets you close to as powerful as what you get form the 6 mans.  

    TSW might be another option.  I never really got much into the end game but there is a lot of gear grind there to although I think it's mostly for shards you save up to buy the gear you want.


  • Nightbringe1Nightbringe1 Member UncommonPosts: 1,335

    Most older PvE games involve quite a bit of farming for gear.

    You could try Everquest, should not take you more than a few years to build up your character.

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  • siwan05siwan05 Member UncommonPosts: 2
    FFXIV ARR ! :) Lots and lots of farming!
  • krondinkrondin Member UncommonPosts: 106



    I'd suggest you try project Gorgon < > Its in a pre alpha testing, open to all, free to play atm with no cash store!  < A subscription is being considered for release >  Its a fantastic game, great content, graphics are bland currently but it has been stated when they get more funding they will hire and impliment better graphics. I love playing it! Give it a try!


    You don't level your char like most other mmo's, you level your skills by doing them. Gear enhancements make your skills way more powerfull, combinations of gear empowered skills are difficult to get and require some grinding to aquire.  But it is not an Asian mmo where grinding is forever kind of thing. Check it out might be what you are looking for.

  • StyxaStyxa Member UncommonPosts: 76
    Think I will play some more realm reborn, seems like the only option for me since I cant stand the old games because of graphics and I played so much wow it simply isnt fun anymore...
    And with the expansion at the horizon and playing some d3 for grinding and farming it could go very well I think...
  • JaedorJaedor Member UncommonPosts: 1,173

    Rift has some good PvE content, also F2P or optional sub.

  • StyxaStyxa Member UncommonPosts: 76
    Since d3's Magic wore off quite quick I am here again.

    There are three games i am interested in but i didnt have much Time to test them all.

    Realm reborn, fun game but i wasnt able to find a class thats was for me, maybe when the exp arrives
    Tera, endgame seems to ne quite small and mostly 5 man dungeons+ community seems to be quite bad
    Wildstar, i allways read its dead, dead, dead

    So what so you think, i just want some good and chalanging endgame with raids and gear progression.

    Sorry for bothering you again and thanks for your help :-)
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