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I think I finally know why I left

KajidourdenKajidourden Member EpicPosts: 2,864

So I was thinking about why I had recently stopped playing wildstar (I had a level 30something, maybe 40 esper) and it finally hit me. 

It wasn't the generic questing, because that's in every game, they even got me engaged more than most did, with some whacky ideas that were fun non-combat type quests. 

It wasn't the difficulty of the content or the fact that that drove people to rage in dungeons (I found that hilarious). 

It wasn't the relatively low population (I would queue as healer or dps and it was funny that I would pop as one just as much as the other, a sign ((along with queue times)) of population). 

I think it was the combat outside of dungeons.  While out and about doing quests the fact that every attack was manually inputted and had to be aimed, etc annoyed me.  NOT because I had to do something different than in other games, because at first that was what I loved about it.  The thing is, when you have to do those umpteen generic quests AND the combat is laborious (although different and fun) it only exacerbates that you're doing these very "meh" quests.

Now all that being said, I was ALWAYS in the queue for dungeons because of how wonderfully (imo) the combat shined in group play scenarios.  That was the most fun I've had in a dungeon in an mmo period.

I suppose I could have just leveled via dungeons/adventures/etc but for some reason I just dipped.


  • Azaron_NightbladeAzaron_Nightblade Member EpicPosts: 4,726
    Originally posted by Kajidourden


    I suppose I could have just leveled via dungeons/adventures/etc but for some reason I just dipped.

    You probably should have if the quests bored you that much. image

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  • NightHaveNNightHaveN Member UncommonPosts: 1,051

    While I haven't tested it, I saw an option that enables auto facing mobs.  Again no idea how it works, but probably may help you.  You may also try melee or range with wider angle like medics.  


    I also have an Esper an a Warrior and yes, sometimes is a pain to place targets under  my thin telegraph mark on my Esper, for what I remember Gunslingers have the same problem (long, but thin telegraph).  But the Warrior is another story, attacks are wide arc, and since you fight close, you can even turn the telegraph off for them.


    Also Espers are squishy with the default range burst build.  I suggest you try this instead, but a warning... This build requires level 35+ to work properly:


    This build included for Esper relies on close combat cone style area of effect, and designed to pull groups and keep constantly pulling non stop.  Can also work for solo Group +2 and even some Group +3 elites.  It was even mobile since release unlike the original range burst build.   You will kill slower due to not having heavy damage skills, relying more on life steal, but you will be close to immortal.


    And that's one of the beauties of this game.... customization.

  • NightHaveNNightHaveN Member UncommonPosts: 1,051
    Ooops forgot to comment... Keep that build in another LAS slot, because that build while excellent at solo, you will get flames if use it in group content due to under performing dps numbers.
  • CoatedCoated Member UncommonPosts: 477
    The real question shouldn't be why you left, but why you played the game in the first place.
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