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SWTOR Customer Service illogical and inflexible

Just thought everyone should know this. I am a founding member who pre-ordered SWTOR. I used an account security key also. If you don't know what that is here is a description. You buy a small device with a button and display on it which works like a pager. When you want to log in to your account or the game you push the button on the device and the display shows a number which you must type in to the login screen. In theory this is supposed to make your account hack proof. I can tell you that it is bullshit.
My account was hacked. I reported it with a ticket in game. A few minutes later I was kicked out of the game and my account was locked. I was sent an email telling me I had to call customer service. I did that and was told I had to send in a photocopy of my ID. I told them not a chance. We argued about how are they truly going to know who I am to which I replied you sent the message to my email address. How did you know what my address is? Then I said I can give the answers to all my security questions and that I had the security key to which they could send another number. The only thing they wanted is the photocopy. I asked how they were going to charge my account. What credit card are they going to charge. They had no problem telling me that was fine. After several calls and arguing with several different customer service people I could only get the answer that I absolutely had to send in a copy of my ID. That is never going to happen. In fact, it only makes me wonder if this was all done on purpose by the company to remove accounts. They asked me my address. They sent me emails. They verified my phone # that I was calling from. All of which matched my account. Therefore, this whole thing is bogus and I don't believe it is innocent verification. It reeks of corruption. If anyone is planning on playing this game be forewarned that Bioware customer service is completely inflexible. You won't get any favorable outcomes. I never have. I even proved that items were missing from my inventory on a previous occasion because of a market error. They would not admit the error for that either. I recommend you stay away from this company and any game which they happen to operate.


  • SharkypalSharkypal Member Posts: 1,137

    I had the same experience with those clowns.

    I refunded the latest expansion (because the game kept freezing) and for some reason they said they had to lock the account so I said fine, lock away. I didn't think I was ever going to play again anyway.

    3 months later, saw the trailers for the new film and got that itch, called CS and asked them to unlock the account to which they responded, 'Photo ID please'

    Oh HELL NO!

    They wouldn't budge, it was photo id or nothing.

    Like you, all my info checked out and I answered the security questions, the email address is the same one that has been on the account since I bought the game at launch.

    Bottom line, I'll never be playing SWTOR again.

    Like you, I smell a rat where this demand for a photo id is concerned, if I can answer the security questions, that should be the end of it.

  • junzo316junzo316 Member UncommonPosts: 1,712

    That sounds extremely fishy.   Why would they need a photocopy of your ID?  What use security questions?  I got hacked on LOTRO.  I made a call to customer service and all was fixed within minutes (although it took 24 hours to restore account).  I would be a bit concerned sending my ID to anyone.  CRAZY!


  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,332

    Other devs are doing this as well,i had to deal with that and it took so long 30 days i was extremely frustrated.

    I know that my account had no way of getting hacked because i use a different type of login system not done on my keyboard.So the only way my account was hacked is someone got enough ID to some how get access to login into my account.

    Those ID tags should be 100% fool proof,although just like in past years,we have seen auto generators that are decently effective,especially when these tag numbers tend to only be sometimes 4-5 numbers.

    There lies the problem,why do they need photo ID to get your account back,but were so readily handing over information to someone who got a hold of my personal information?

    I thought the same thing about corruption and i'll tell you why.Quite often,maybe more than we know,devs use an outside source to handle server maintenance.IDK just maybe there is some inside theft going on in these games,money means a lot to people,some will do whatever it takes to steal it from others.

    In my case,it turns out the person might have been involved with RMT activities because my more valuable items were quickly sold to vendors,not even put on AH to save time.Where my player was left from the hacker also had no reasoning,unless using it to farm,so ya i figure a rmt theft.

    BTW i do thorough research,my email and my account were by an ip address over seas in China,i got that information from Google.There has never been anything in my email that would allow someone to login into my account,so yes they simply used any ID they got and got my login .

    Moral of story,don't trust anyone out there,sometimes even your best friend can't be trusted.Also hover your mouse over any email before opening it,you never know when you get a heading that looks like it is from a friend.


    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • moshramoshra Member RarePosts: 399
    If only it were a Star Trek game.  They could have a bunch of Vulcans running the CS department.  Then they would be more logical.
  • VrikaVrika Member LegendaryPosts: 7,175

    Asking for ID is common practise. Companies like Blizzard and Facebook do it too when they think your identity is uncertain.

  • damond5031damond5031 Member UncommonPosts: 445
    If somone gained your account info through hacking your computer, they would have every bit of the information that you were able to give the CS rep. A simple key logger would allow them access to all your passwords, phone info, address info, credit card info, SS Number ect. The only way to verify that you are you is to show them your ID. 
  • MoiraeMoirae Member RarePosts: 3,318

    Inflexible... that's not inflexible, it's security. 


    I work in hotels. If you aren't going to be on site for checkin, and its not a virtual card from one of the third party companies, then you need to fill out a credit card authorization form and provide me with a photocopy or scan of both sides of the credit card and the ID of the person that holds the card. Period. Failure to provide this will result in a cancellation. 


    We CANNOT guarantee you are who you say you are otherwise and credit cards get stolen too often. Names, addresses and phone numbers given over the phone can be gotten from a persons mail or by hacking other accounts of theirs. Your ID is alot harder to forge. 


    No, we will not be flexible on that. No chance, no how, not ever. And I won't be fired by the owner just because a guest doesn't like that. And no, the guest won't be talking to the owner because the owners don't take calls. And no, a manager will not waive it either. 


    You may think its inflexible. The business thinks otherwise because businesses have been sued for millions for doing otherwise. 


    Oh and let me add that I have worked every department in hotels except accounting and maintenance and including as an Assistant General Manager for 5 different companies (totalling 14 hotels), in two different countries, and this has always been the case in every single one of them. That I am aware of, this is always the case in all hotels in North America. 

  • paulythebpaulytheb Member UncommonPosts: 363
    So you bought an account and you don't have an ID that matches. Big deal. It is a free to play game, make a new account.

    ( Note to self-Don't say anything bad about Drizzt.)

    An acerbic sense of humor is NOT allowed here.

  • IkedaIkeda Member RarePosts: 2,751



    FFXIV and FFXI required this as well.  So it's starting to take hold.


    Edit:  Looking through emails, Blizz has asked me to do so as well.

  • ShodanasShodanas Member RarePosts: 1,933
    If you had your account stolen while using an authenticator then the fault is on you. Authenticator devices are hack proof and the only way to loose your account is to let someone else get a hold on yours. 
  • IkedaIkeda Member RarePosts: 2,751
    Originally posted by Shodanas
    If you had your account stolen while using an authenticator then the fault is on you. Authenticator devices are hack proof and the only way to loose your account is to let someone else get a hold on yours. 

    This isn't quite true.  It's happened for a couple of sites but it was because of the way people logged in.  Honestly, I've not had an issue on WoW, Rift, FFXIV, GW2, or SWTOR with their authenticators but I won't say it won't ever happen.

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