pretty decent size patch and overhaul

Walkyier70Walkyier70 Member UncommonPosts: 65

i know its no graphics update but looks interesting worthy of a return

still one of the old school greats



  • IkonisIkonis Raleigh, ARMember UncommonPosts: 245
    I wish someone would kickstarter a spiritual successor to AO. Still is the best MMO I ever played. 
  • SagethornSagethorn BusseltonMember UncommonPosts: 46

    Was one of the first MMO's i played. I've tried getting back into it in the past but the movements and feel of the game is just so clunky these days compared to what I'm now used to. I miss sitting outside ToTW watching the "Train on the Way" and everybody scattering.

    If only they'd get put more people back into getting the new engine up and running with the graphics update they promised so long ago id actually got back.

    But i guess Funcom doesn't like spending money on an old game when they have enough problems keeping AoC and TSW running smoothly and with a healthy population.


  • waveslayerwaveslayer Salisbury, NCMember UncommonPosts: 371
    gonna have to download this and give it a go, AO is my favorite all time MMoRPG no other game has the character customization like this game. Now if the ancient IF graphics and animations are tolarable enough

    Godz of War I call Thee

  • GrebdnullGrebdnull VMember UncommonPosts: 13
    I will reactivate, at least, two of my accounts this week. 18.7 is far more important to me than the graphics update. With some tweaking in, for example, Nvidia Inspector, the Anarchy Online graphics are, in my opinion, more than tolerable anyway. I'm just waiting for FC to send their mass email, telling everybody about the patch, and - hopefully - presenting some nice subscription deals :)
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