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Is it possible to unlock all content without real cash?



  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749
    Originally posted by Azaron_Nightblade
    Originally posted by Po_gg

    You can get CC from the game through the Legacy system, but that's limited, not unlimited like in LotRO's case (or STO's, if you'll ask in there too image) For example, if you unlock something on Trooper, it doesn't matter if you delete and create a new one, you won't get the CC for the second time. So, with a massive grind you maybe can gather enough CCs for one expansion, but to be honest, haven't done the math so can't say for certain. Though the grind would be massive. Or Massive, with a capital M.

    You can get the CC reward multiple times by doing it on different servers (since the reward is awarded to a Legacy, which is only server based).

    But it's a rather tiresome process for measly amounts of CC. And you can't get the expansions with it since they aren't on the CM, only on the website. You can use them to eliminate some of the restrictions though.

    That's what I ment too by "limited", after OP is done for example the Trooper intro on every server, then it's over, no more CCs from that.

    LotRO doesn't have such cap. At one of Sapience's hobbit-to-Isengard event they said it's a visible number on that charts now, the folks who are playing totally free, and that's why Turbine is trying to tweak the rewards, putting less TPs into the late expansions and quest packs, etc. In LotRO the only cap is your time, if a no-lif... errr I mean a student for example (image) is willing to spend a month for farming, especially if finds a group of like-minded folks for company, they can make 500 TP in a day easily, in a few hours... that's $5, if they're doing it for 20-25 days, that's 100-125 bucks worth of TPs, with that they can unlock most of the game.


    My bad on the second part, I forgot that Hutt Cartel and Revan are not in the Store :) so OP, even if you grind for months, you can't have those without real cash. It's better to start coughing up some right at the start instead image

  • simmihisimmihi Member UncommonPosts: 709

    Starting as free is indeed terrible - a lot of misinformation in F2P related threads concerning SWTOR comes from people starting as totally free and concluding that the "F2P model sux".  You want to sub for 1 month so that you get both preferred status and a decent level up experience. Before that though, search for a guild with serious mature people, that's very important to live a good free life in the game.


    I have not played since 55 (i did everything in game multiple times so i was bored) so this might be a bit outdated, but if I were to start fresh on a new server, that's how I'd do it:

    In your sub month, level, level, level (if you can do two classes to 50, that would be excellent), From that point, you just start doing dailies and buying unlocks from the GTN. You get A TON of credits by just running really quick dailies. Almost every unlock in the game can be bought from GTN (auction house). With your initial credits buy account versions for Sector X unlocks and for the gear unlocks.


    The credits cap, this is the most annoying thing but spending money on escrow unlocks is not how you ideally do it. For this you use:

    Method 1:  find an item with a lot of vendor value and buy that off GTN when you are close to reach your 350k cap limit (i' remember i had a bank full of some useless mineral with high vendor value, which sold on the GTN close or sometimes under that value) When you want some unlock, you pass the stacks of items to a friend with a sub, he sells the stacks to some vendor and buys the item for you.

    Method 2:  make a good friend in a guild, a guy who is subbed and ask him to make an alt which acts as your "bank". When you need something about the credits limit, you just ask your friend to buy it for you.


    After this, you'll have just to spend money on expansions (usually they are cheap), the other limitations are really not  restrictive. I've subbed for two months (the first one as i've posted above and a second one when Makeb expansion was launched and it was 20 bucks if you were not subbed and 10 bucks if you were subbed, which made it a 25 bucks expansion and 1 month sub - good deal) and had everything I ever wanted from GTN.

  • azarhalazarhal Member RarePosts: 1,402
    Originally posted by simmihi

    After this, you'll have just to spend money on expansions (usually they are cheap),

    Just the current expansion actually, Shadow of Revan includes Return of the Hutt Cartel for non-subs (RotHC is free if you sub for one month, you keep the access after unsubbing).

  • gervaise1gervaise1 Member EpicPosts: 6,919
    Originally posted by sayuu
    Originally posted by gervaise1

    Escrow is why I said in my earlier post "if you get the credits". However the OP should not go away with the opinion that "it is possible":

    Unlocks in general are "uncommon" on the AH. If they are listed at all prices are usually - not always but usually - very high. This wasn't always the way things were but it has been for a while now.

    The prospect of purchasing escrow unlocks within the credit cap of a pure f2p player - if you even see them - zero (technically not true but ...). And remember the escrow unlocks - you probably need more than one - are simply the tools to enable you to buy an actual unlock.

    You can enjoy the story to 50 however without buying anything..

    I really need to remind you what you said?

    "you cant use credits held in escrow unless you subscribe"

    care to flip-flop again on the issue?

    You really should read what people say before you post.

    It was a different poster who said "you can't use credits held in escrow unless you subscribe".

    Care to apologise?


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