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Some questions from a returning launch player.

Darkfalz89Darkfalz89 Member UncommonPosts: 581

Re-posting this from the OF since no one seems to answer threads there:

Hey guys, had two of my friends join back up in between playing FFXI since while its PvE is solid I always hunger for my PvP fix. RvR has always been a big thing for me since DaOC and after the passing of WAR I felt that ESO may be that next game to get it done right in that regard. Even at launch ESO had a lot of great systems for RvR I just had some issues with bugs/bugged quests/dungeons and inability to group with my friend due to silly megaserver bugs. I felt the game had lots of potential, just needed to to work out the kinks so to speak. Now that I have my friends jumping on the ESO train id like some insight on the changes they did to PvP. I know an area/bg? was added for 1-49 players for PvP and the exp gained from PvP has been upscaled to a redonk amount to merit leveling through PvP. Doing some PvE here and there I don't mind doing, but I'm more of a storyline/dungeon guy vs the fedex quests and feed my dog quests. So really curious on how well that goes, and also curious if you get skill points in PvP (other than finding the shards) and how rewards work while doing it. I am aware a AA system has been introduced and I just love how reminiscent it is of the Realm Rank system in WAR and DaOC. My only concern with leveling through pvp is skyshards, I know they played a large role in the original game and curious if there is an alternative in pvp.

As far as what ill be playing; back at launch I played Templar because it did resemble Warrior Priest from WAR, BUT never really took it far. I am generally a sucker for pet classes and despite sorc being less involved with pet spec, watching PvP videos of them seemed the most fun for me and I enjoy that playstyle more. I stumbled upon Deltias gaming's site/channel on Youtube and noticed some great PvE builds, but it seems the PvP Frag out setup he had was heavily out of date and was curious if anyone could point me in a general direction of some bursty survive ability setups. In the event that skyshards are a necessary evil I think I wouldn't mind some bursty PvE/Dungeon setups you guys leveled with. I have a feeling I may want to level up my staves/skills/passives quite a bit (till about level 30?) before I hit the PvP lake regardless since I have this inkling that ill be poopethed on a lot >.>.I particularly like the idea of regeneration through damage of spells which I took a instant liking the the "Frag out build" here:


  • bcbullybcbully Member EpicPosts: 11,813
    You get skill points from PvP ranks. 
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  • Darkfalz89Darkfalz89 Member UncommonPosts: 581
    Originally posted by bcbully
    You get skill points from PvP ranks. 

    That's what it looked like, awesome :D.


  • MetricaMetrica Member CommonPosts: 37
    Keep in mind that Alliance Ranks are not wholly dissimilar from Realm Ranks in DAOC.  The first ten ranks come quick and regularly, but it follows an exponential growth curve so the time it takes to go from Rank 1 to Rank 10 is about the same as going from Rank 19 to Rank 20.  That's just an estimate, obviously but it's not hyperbole :)
  • filmoretfilmoret Member EpicPosts: 4,906
    You wont reach top level just doing pvp.  It would literally take you 4k hours.  Doing the quests in the pvp zone will get you levels but not any faster then outside of the zone.  Basically you must do a lot of PVE stuff in order to level up your skills and such.  Also a lot of the quests in pve will grant you ability points.
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