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how do i play this game?

HenchdwarfHenchdwarf Member UncommonPosts: 517

firstly, i spent all night downloading and patching, and in the morning when it said it was finished, i restarted my computer as i always do when i DL a big game, and reopened the STO launcher and its monster patching again...but thats not my question...



i have tried this game before, but after the newbie missions, i was utterly overwhelmed and had no clue what do next. is this a solo game? should i seek a guild immediately? what does one do each day when they log in? quest?  its a real shame star ship crews are not made up of guilds working together...missed opportunity there...makes me think this is just a single player game with a few lobby like areas for certain quests etc...


lastly, about the Seasonal format...when i start, do i have to being in season 1 and work my way through? or do i just never get that content because i am late comer...i just read someone wrote that the current season "draws a 5 year arc to a close"...jesus, how do i penetrate that? will i have any idea whats going on or how to play? how is STO for new players currently?


  • ompgamingompgaming Member UncommonPosts: 188

    I recommend a guild (fleet) based on what kind of gameplay you like.  A fleet will be able to give you advice on what to do next.

    You won't HAVE to go through all the content to get to the new seasons, but there are level restrictions, so going through the previous episodes is the best way to level.

    The first 50 levels go REALLY fast, so that shouldn't be a time restriction for you.

    Its a fun game.  The gameplay isn't AWESOME, but its star trek.


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  • orionblackorionblack Member UncommonPosts: 493

    You got the delta recruit event going on now. DO NOT SKIP the tutorial or you will not be able to take part, if you make a new toon. I recommend doing this (delta recruit thing) as you get a ton of incentives in doing so from gear for your ship and additional r&d rewards.

    Now...I would recommend you follow the episode story line. This will not only level you up but will take you to the next point in line of where you are supposed to be. That can be found on the left side of the mini map interface. Click on the tab that says episodes and start with the faction that you choose (for example if you  are a Klingon then do the Klingon episodes first)...once you start down this path other episodes will open up based on your level.

    There are alot of new player guides out there. I would definitely suggest reading up on some because starship builds and ground combat builds depend alot on the skills you choose. And as a free to play gamer, you will have to buy from the cash shop respec tokens if you mess up.   There are many more but this is one that I read early on .

    It will just take some reading up on since this game has been out for a while. But it is a fun game once you get the hang of it.

    And this is coming from someone who is not a huge Star Trek fan by any means.

    Hope this helps. ^^


  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586



      Those are the two sites I most often use for STO reference material.

  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 11,004
    STO is very much a game in two parts, one of the parts, the space game where you fly your ship around, the combat, is actually pretty good, and i would recommend that part of the game to anyone, the problem is really the ground based part of the game, its utterly rubbish, once you pass the tutorial part, i would recommend avoiding/skipping further ground based missions, it will help you enjoy the game that much more image
  • WarWitchWarWitch Member UncommonPosts: 320
    The awsomness about sto is that it can be complex. make a delta charcter the game really tends to favor fed side example fed are getting 6 new ships in the patch later today kdf and roms 2.  You can really coustomize your game play in sto a lot. I deffinatly recommend getting  a joy stick for space flight . Finding a friendly fleet- guild in any game with voice chat really helps a lot. End game you will have like almost 30 different ship commands you may want to pick up a key pad to help you fight well so you can focus on you position more. Their are so maney tricks to this game. Like you can fill you account with alt charcters that can farm mission with their crew wile you focous on a main charcter. You can if you patient farm credits and dill to buy anything in the game for free but it does take time. Example if you loot countraband you can drop these in your shared bank account and turn them in with all you alt charcters. Each charcter has a max amount of dil they can refine each day. and by using the dill exchange you can turn this into zen to really nice ships costumes etc. Iv never be to fond of the ground fighting in sto but some totally love it . In time you want push towards a ship that can do around 10k dps for the end game, yes some are oushed 30k but 10k will allow you to be able to compleat most missions with a good team. Around the mini map their different ques. PVE or pvp and you can filter out the missions like light blue ones to start and space or ground to get started. The game is pre patching the next big patch coming later today that's probably what you are seeing. After you reach 50 you can start woking on you reputations. keep in mind you have your captain, your active ship and active ground crew and what we call doff missions. You can run doff or duty officer missions on all of your alts to level up and earn credits. This is like making away teams to do missions for you while you work your story line of missions. It can be over whelming at first because the game is so complex. You can also upgrade all of your equipment like in other games. When you find a race and class you like the best and level it to 60 then you may want to pick out a set of gear to upgrade using the crafting system. You don't have to craft at all but its way cheeper to. The sto wiki sites can help you decide if you wont to work toward a dps set of gear or a defencive set, or a healing build. As you level up you main captian you will be able to pick how you want to fight in space and the ground. Like energy beams or projectals - cannons and torps. On the ground you want to pick up a nice 3 piece set to use from your reputation or by running a mission 3x. Currently their is a nice 3 piece set you get running the same mission 3x for ground fighting. A big part of the fun is collectiong the different ships. google sto ships see all the choices. Some look just like the shadows from bablyon 5 :). Some ships are also cross faction so any side can use them. You will also be given a shuttle craft as you level up a few missions require them. STO is deffinatly the best space game out currently , just keep in mind its been around for a long time and is deeply complex. Purple items you find can sell for a lot on the auction house. You can simply drag and drop a item over in the auction house and see with it will sell for bu droping it in and searching. Best of luck in your travels.   
  • Quazal.AQuazal.A Member UncommonPosts: 859
    Originally posted by WarWitch
    The awsomness about sto is that it can be complex.(wall of text please please reform). Best of luck in your travels.   

    can you do us a favour and just format your text all this text with 0 paragraphs is painful and i could barely read 2 lines :) cheers :)

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  • superioressayssuperioressays Newbie CommonPosts: 3
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