Worth starting?

Hello everyone, I am wondering if Istaria is worth playing as a new player? How is the community? Do a lot of people play? What is the game like? Thanks.


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    Hi Banthor,


    I have played Istaria on and off for several years. The game has a small but very dedicated community and are very welcoming of new players.

    If you can get past the dated graphics then you will find a rich game with a great crafting system. 

    As you can play the game for free as a human I would suggest giving it a go.



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    Istaria is a good game with nice community. Playerbase is somewhat small, but dedicated.

    My advice:give it a try. If you start as free player - you have all quests and territories available, though can play only as Human race and cannot own land plots. Paying 15$/month lets you play any race, including mighty Dragons + own land (ever dreamed about your own settlement? or a set of fountains in the winter lands? Storage facilities where you need them?).

    Should you need help - if you are on Order server, feel free to join Universal Soldiers channel and ask my toon, Naktieskarys, for aid.

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    i used to love this game
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    When Istaria first came out as Horizons, I really enjoyed this game.. Played for about a year and a half, so it has been quite a while since I last logged in.. Its hard to say if what I knew of it then has any bearing on what it is now..

    Back then the sheer scope of landmass was pretty awesome.. Made for some fun traveling (no mounts at all, and roads actually increased your speed).. Events actually impacted the world (fighters held back invasions while crafters reclaimed blighted towns or areas)..

    My biggest gripe at the time (not so much for me now these days) was the near total reliance on player economy.. Everything was made and prices used to be GOUGE-central.. Crafting was HUGE.. Monumentally important.. and building up your plot of land was not for the faint of heart.. Took some major effort..

    One of the few (maybe only) games that lets you play as a Dragon.. Numerous interesting races and home cities for each (unless some got invaded in the meantime?)

    Guess all I can say is give it a shot and see how it goes.. Your mileage may vary.. Good luck.. :)
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