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Star Citizen - Monthly Development Reports

ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,303

Following a suggestion from the MMORPG forum moderators the Monthly Development Reports and other regular news from CIG will be reported here in the form of a series now and not as individual posts, starting with March 2015. So, without further ado:

Star Citizen Monthly Development Report March 2015


"March saw the release of the 1.1.0 update for Arena Commander, as well as the public showcasing of our work on the FPS and Social modules at PAX East and SXSW respectively."

"1.1.0 also saw the premiere of the new ship damage system ....we are actually going to base the damage off the mass, velocity, and density of the projectile..."

"...our Design team is also working on a new game mode, Pirate Swarm. This mode will allow players to engage against waves of enemy ships similar to Vanduul Swarm except that the opposing ships will be comprised of every flyable ship that we currently have in dogfighting.....The goal for Pirate Swarm is not to just have a preset number and type of ships per wave but instead to have the types of ships, AI skill, and number of ships scale dynamically based off the number of players, their equipment, and their skill/success. "

"A lot of continued work has also been going into the tutorial which is going to be coming one of the AC releases in April."

FPS module arena combat: "...SATA Ball is a new game mode we are implementing that is a futuristic sport of sorts. Gliding around in zero gravity, the goal is to get a ball into a goal by passing it to your team mates, all while shooting and getting shot at..."

"This past month saw the introduction of Electronic Access and the REC system. Anyone who plays the game now has the ability to earn credits through ranked matches that will let them try out new ships and/or equipment."

"....the new Homepage design is coming up, as it has now entered its QA phase. This new layout will feature denser but shows a lot more content and is cleaner with a tiling and layout approach..."

"Much work was done on the Starmap. Our Unity-based functionality prototype keeps expanding to include prototype ideas on how to show jump routes and celestial entities."


Have fun




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