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I really wanted to play this game

Few weeks back I was told about this game since I'm a fan about the Age of Piracy. Anyway I dowloaded the game and everything when I'm in port runs smooth, however when I'm on my ship, there's no way to control anything, the ship goes in circles, it glitches, it moves in any direction by itself. I believe is a lag problem, but is not on my end since I don't have any trouble playing any other mmo. I really wanted to play the game...


  • ReklawReklaw Member UncommonPosts: 6,495

    And what was the answer when you posted this on the tech support forums or contact.

    Atleast I asume that was the first place you asked about your issue?

    Wish I could help, but havn't seen this issue nor have read about it.

  • MerenbakMerenbak Member Posts: 3
    Sadly there is no answer. I couldn't find any costumer support on their web site, I also have checked for a forum but the only one I found got the latest post from 2 years ago. If you know where people is nowadays posting, please let me know. As a last resort I wrote a message to Portalus  games, but so far I didn't get any reply.
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