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Research on Gaming habits, Preferences and Social Life

ResearchRocksResearchRocks Member Posts: 1

Hello everyone, 


Firstly, I apologize if this is somehow the wrong subfora for posting this, or against the rules, but I must admit this is my first time posting here. 

Please bear with me in that regard. 

Now, I am a Master student who's doing his Master Thesis on the subject of video games and its players, (Disclosure; I'm a gamer), and for my current research I'd like to recruit your help. 

Without spoiling too much of my research, I can say that I'm looking into gaming habits, preferences and interest of avid video game players, as well as their social life and behavior. 

"Wow, how original", I hear you think, and you would be justified in thinking that; there's been countless studies on video games and links between violence, aggression and other behavior. 

What makes mine different?


Well, while going through the literature in the field I found that a whole lot of these studies are flawed, and I guess this is my humble attempt at trying to do it right. 


If you'd like to help me with that, you can! 

By filling out the questionnaire following this link;


The questionnaire will take about 10 to 15 minutes of your time, and to try and make it worth your while you can win one of two Steam Coupons worth $10,- if you leave your contact info. Your anonymity will be guaranteed and I will never use the data for anything other than research purposes. 

I've noticed that people tend to be overwhelmed at the section that lists a whole bunch of statements. This may look intimidating, but you'll notice it will be going faster than you think once you start answering. 

The survey permits you to exit it and come back to answer questions later, take your time! 

I will keep an eye on this thread for questions or feedback regarding the survey.


Thank you all in advance! 

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