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Rts like stronghold/Battle for Middlearth : Kingdom Wars Battles

Eve_666Eve_666 Member UncommonPosts: 3

Two days ago new fantasy RTS Kingdom Wars II: Battles from Reverie World Studios, INC. was released in Steam Early Access and it's available for purchase.

Featuring competitive multiplayer, full-on siege combat, three distinct races, and a strong singleplayer campaign, Kingdom Wars II: Battles offers a truly original strategy experience.

Ofcourse, many of features are not available yet, but every player is invited to share their wishes, suggestions and thoughts on official Steam forum of the game - and you can even vote for feature which you would like to see implemented in game first.

You can get your Early Access from official game store at http://kw2b.com/order-now/ and use discount code VIPINVITE for a 45% discount,

More info can be found here: http://kw2b.com


The game is a mix between  ages of empire-battle for middlearth and stronghold



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