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[NA] Lethality Gaming - TeamSpeak 3 - Organized - WorldWide - PvX

DaphonicDaphonic Member UncommonPosts: 40
Lethality is looking to recruit like-minded individuals into our Community; those who want to enjoy all Online games with an always growing group of friends.  Lethality is also looking for new members to take a leadership role to help with the expansion of the community into new and current games.
About Lethality
Lethality has built a Community of gamers.  We are not just a one-game Clan/Guild. We are looking to build friendships that will expand from game to game.  We want gamers to already have friends to play with for their next game.  We have an environment where players can come hang out and enjoy their games and forget about their Real Life problems, where friends can laugh and relax for a good time
We are setting our scope for the 100 man Pantheon Warfare. We want to set the foundation of success early on and try and create a Division with Lethality Gaming that Skyforge will Strive long term. That being said we are looking to add 2 or 3 more full time officers for just this Division, at least 2 PvP Officers and 1 PvE Officer. Their sole duty will run and manager events and organize their Clans within the Pantheon, so that they can Lead their groups in the Pantheon Wars. If you feel you can delicate enough time for one of these officer spots, sign up on our site and Contact Daphonic, Fluffy_Death, or Karma.

As for Members, we are looking for any members who are looking for a home, a family, friends who want a place to call home, and have a great place to play games. We want to stick with Skyforge long term. It's going to takes months to be able to unlock all the skills, so there will be a lot of game play for even the most hardcore of players. Even if you get bored, Lethality Gaming has so much more to offer you in terms of other games. Come for Skyforge stick around for the Community!

What our Community Offers

  1. A Professional Community website fully-loaded with features including Live Community Streamer feeds.
  2. 150+ Man TeamSpeak 3 Server
  3. Diverse Community of interests and hobbies like a huge anime review section.
Member Qualities
We are a no troll or drama Community.  We are looking for mature individuals who want a place to call their gaming home for years to come; people who are sick of joining different guilds every game and never getting to enjoy how they play.
Leadership Roles
Interested in helping our Community create and grow it's membership base? If you have experience with this, or think you might be interested in helping, please signup and talk with an Officer on the community forums or on TeamSpeak.

Our Core Rules (Prohibited at anytime)

  1. Disrespecting the Lethality Name, Motto, Community and it’s Goals.
  2. The Discussions of Drugs, Religion or Politics are prohibited in “public” channels.
  3. Attacking of an individual's Nationality, Religion, Sex, Sexual Preference or Political beliefs.
  4. Any crass and or derogatory remarks are never allowed in Guild Chat, Forum posts or with in TeamSpeak.
  5. Trolling on any Community Social Site, within any Community game, Community forums, or Community TeamSpeak.
  6. Anyone Creating a Toxic Environment that makes it uncomfortable for those involved.

Active Games in Community

  1. Marvel Heroes (Active Division)
  2. EVE Online (Active Division)
  3. Minecraft (Community Server)
  4. Starbound (Community Server)
  5. Reign of Kings (Community Server)
  6. H1Z1 (Early Access)
  7. Albion Online (BETA)
  8. Skyforge (BETA)

Future Games

  1. Black Desert
  2. Crowfall


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