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Been shopping for a Jeep for about a month, Ended up with a 68 Mustang.

HulluckHulluck Member UncommonPosts: 830

I've been vehicle shopping for a month or so.  Nothing expensive but decent. Had a few deals fall through. Which really sucked after so much time spent back and forth.  Pretty much knew every single Wrangler add on Craigslist for a 600 mile radius.

Laying in bed Saturday morning I go to skim the new / refreshed ads. I forget to put in Jeep as a search term for whatever reason like I usually do. Then I see it.   Scratching my head I'm thinking that there has to be something critically wrong with the car at that price.  I text a life long friend who is a trained mechanic and we're tossing around logical reasons.  I goad him into calling the guy. 100% positive the issue will be revealed and it will be critical.  Nope. Just a bunch of small stuff that needs finishing.

Ok, I'll play this game....  I call the guy.. Ask if I can come look at it.  Price seems to good to be true but so good if I don't go look it will bother me. Get there and I'll be dammed. Nothing alarming.  Had some meet ups where as soon as I got out of the car before the door shut.  I could see the seller had lied about what they had. Totally expected that here.  Nope. 

"Ok, car has a bunch of small stuff that needs finishing...."  Tossing the pro's and con's. I do admit slightly scary. Though on the other hand huge pay off.

I do it.

I close the deal knowing the ad is only a few hours old and someone was buying that car that day. No sooner than I close the deal does a guy rush up park and come running with cash in hand. The guy was getting phone calls while we were looking it over.

Gotta say I've been worried since, maybe anxious. Friend says don't worry about it. It'll be fine.  Truthfully nothing difficult to finish. But it does need finishing. Not going to say what I payed just yet.  Once it's a reliable daily driver I might. Depends on what that costs.


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