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How smillar is this game compared to Arcanum?

shenfreyshenfrey Member UncommonPosts: 114

I know that its trying to be closer to BG/IWD then it is Arcanum, but I know that some of the guys behind Arcanum are in the development team so I was just wondering how much of Arcanums design ideas maybe trickled into this game.


Arcanum is my favorite game of all time so I know the game won't fill those boots completely, but I just wonder if theres any systems like Arcanum in this game?




In Arcanum, you had MANY ways of completing quests/scenarios


1. First city, Shrouded Hills, you can speak to the doctor in town who has recieved a tip off that the bank is about to be robbed, you can help him save the bank and in return claim a reward. On the other hand you could track down the bandits (who carry rusty weapons, not very well equiped) and help them rob the bank, OR you could just rob the bank yourself.


2. There was a FANTASTIC reaction system in the game, depending on your intelligence you would either play dumb, or be incredibley smart and people would react accordingly to this. You could also increase people in a certain town reactions towards you by completing quests, and you could also put gear on such as smokers jacket that increased your reaction and this would open up alot more dialogue and gameplay.


3. You could get fantastic gear at the start of the game by being a bit evil, stealing. For example in the first town there is a locked chest in the Blacksmiths where he keeps his stock, this is a very hard chest to pick lock early game but if you complete certain quests you could earn a fate point that would allow you to critical success the lock, at night, when the NPC is sleeping (Yes there was actually NPC scheduling, game felt very alive.) and loot stock, alot of good items to be had. On the other hand there is a travelling merchant in the first town who sells magical swords (one of the best swords in the game infact) if your brave enough, and strong enough to kill her or perhaps even pickpocket her, you could claim these powerful weapons for yourself.


These are just a few, a very small selection of some of the things that made this CRPG so incredible, and I just wonder if PoE has ANY of these features? if not then I am very confused as to what a CRPG actually is compared to Arcanum, because I played BG2 and it felt more like a storybook with gameplay consquences mainly happening in the story and dialogue then it is the actual game like Arcanum.

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