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Last game you fiended on?

ChieftanChieftan Member UncommonPosts: 1,188

I'm not the kind of person who bounces around between several games at once.  I sort of hover around looking for a game that's worth investing in and then when I find it, I'm all over it for weeks on end.


I have a youtube channel that I post videos of games I'm into but even in that format I have a hard time conveying what exactly it is about those games that hooked me in.  

I think with SWTOR it was playing a Star Wars game from the perspective of the Empire, which is rare even for a IP that's been as heavily exploited as Star Wars.

Diablo 2 is what it is.  It's not complex but it's crazy addictive.

Everquest for it's challenge and sense of accomplishment(and a bunch of nostalgia).

Lately it's been Subnautica.

Which game is it for you?

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