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Virus and Malware

WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,299

These are both becoming more and more difficult to find on your PC and to FULLY get rid of.

I have seen some of the best programs completely miss out on hidden files that seem to keep re-opening deleted malware/virus files.

A little trick i found when i ran into problems was to try and download the Adblockplus extension or heck almost any extension from the Google store for Chrome.IF you get an error talking about NET-Failed  then you almost certain have some form of elaborate malware and/or virus that is blocking anything to do with malware protection.

There is also a Microsoft malicious software removal tool you can find,again be careful of FAKE links.This download again will get blocked if you have some malicious files on board.

It gets even worse,what i have found is they are now making FAKE sites so that when people do searches to find out all the stuff they need to remove,they are infected once again.

There is a totally CLEAN free program called Adwcleaner by Xplode that works great for finding all those hidden nooks of registry files and such associated with adware.This program runs straight from the .exe,at least i am sure it never loads itself into any file location.It does not have any additional sneaky stuff attached to it.Be VERY careful searching for it,there are so many garbage sites out there claiming to have files.Make sure you see that it is by XPLODE and be careful before clicking any links.

Another VERY useful program i have been using for like idk  like over 10 years is Trend Housecall.Another free program that runs directly from it's .exe,so perhaps download BOTH files Housecall+Xplode's Adwcleaner" to your desktop in case any virus tries to stop you from accessing files.


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