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[MT] Ghosts of the Revolution - Looking for 65 Healers

HaniiHanii Member CommonPosts: 5

Ghosts of the Revolution (GOTR) are looking for geared level 65 healers on Mount Tyrannas.




GOTR is a multi-gaming community established for over 13 years originating from the MMOFPS game PlanetSide, we have recently introduced TERA as an official branch within our community. We are a guild of fun, social people who enjoy the whole range of activities that TERA has to offer, from dungeons, PVP and alliance.

We are currently on the hunt for some more experienced and geared healers and tanks. We have a TeamSpeak 3 server which we encourage all our members to use and also have an active forum with discussions of all topics and games, not just Tera!

You can check more out about our Tera guild at http://tera.gotr.us


To apply you can send an application ingame (mention you saw a post here), send a message to Geminosus or Haniii, or even apply on our website!

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