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Dev. Vision of Core Game Play Described

SomeHumanSomeHuman Member UncommonPosts: 560

This game has been quietly chugging along through it's alpha.  They're soon adding doors, containers, crafting, mobs, etc. to the mix, and they've recently discussed their idea behind core gameplay.  It seems like a mix between Minecraft, Trove, and a bit of something new.  I like that the concept moves past basic building, and provides some general tiered goals.  Time will tell, but I thought I'd link this to anyone interested.

Link to Devlog

  • Start on a new world with no equipment
  • Survive against the environment and creatures
  • Gather basic resources, build tools and a basic shelter
  • Search for and gather Oort Shards, unique to the world you're on
  • Craft a Beacon using Oort Shards
  • Place your Beacon and build a place to call home and store your items
  • Find your friends or other players and build a shared Beacon space
  • Share items, resources and collaborate on creations with your friends
  • Search for the unique Titan of your world
  • Get killed by the Titan (you're not powerful enough yet!)
  • Mine and gather for the best equipment available for your Tier 1 world
  • Return to the Titan with your friends. Defeat it and get your revenge!
  • Harvest the defeated Titan carcass for Rift Shards
  • Open a Portal to a new Tier 2 world using the Rift Shards
  • Travel through the Portal with your friends to the new world with new creatures, flora, and resources
  • New world is further away than the first, it's more exotic and more dangerous
  • (Return to top of this list and work your way down again, increasing the Tier each time)
  • Travel as deep as you can into the Oort Online universe, discovering new worlds, creatures, Titans, real players and uncover the history of The Oort, and what happened...

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