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Do you remember the Anarchy Online Animated Series?

RedruumRedruum Member UncommonPosts: 308

If you were an AO fan from the beginning you will remember these.  I highly suggest everyone watch these as Funcom was doing things no other MMO company was doing at the time and were ahead of their time.  This animated series was created by Ragnar Tornquist and Guate Godager.

You can watch them all below.  Seeing these video's definitely brings back memories of AO.  What were some of your favorite memories after watching these?


Episode 101 "Tricks and Treats"


Episode 102 "Burning Bridges"


Episode 103 "Reversal"


Episode 104 "Dust to Dust"




  • skulyskuly Member UncommonPosts: 138

    I kind of feel like when AO was born... it was loved by Funcom and it's devs.

    They had ingame roleplay events, media and contests, but then the original devs and others moved on and AO got a new sibling..Age of Conan. AO became a second child...then a third.

    After 13 years, and a low population...I doubt AO is loved much by Funcom must be making enough money to stay alive or I bet they would sell it or shut it down without much thought.

    If they cared about the IP.... wouldn't they support and promote it more?

    They could make new games based on the IP, making an AO 2 might cost a lot of money for Funcom but what about a Moba or an adventure game..anything?

    Instead they gave up on the game and created Conan and TSW.

    I would rather have Funcom sell the IP to a company that wants to expand upon it then just drain the little bit of life they can out of it.

    Yeah maybe they have been working on an engine upgrade the past 8 or more years.. but 8 years?

    It took 6 years to create the original game, and at one point the dev team included 70 members... Ok it's a lot of work.there are hurdles,but they make us wait 8 **** years then sell us access to closed beta?

    I didn't even find out about it until afterwards and I am not sure if I would of bought 1 year subscription at that time anyway.. but to me it seems like a slap in the face to the fan base.

    I might be very vocal about my issues with Funcom and say things that come off hateful but I love Anarchy Online.. I have an Anarchy Online tattoo and had a major addiction for years and I have dreams about the game... I think about the game ALOT.

    Funcom has made me feel disrespected many times over the years, but now I am certain they don't care that much about the fan base, if they did, they would let any currently active subscriber access beta or give access when someone subs 6 or 12 months.

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  • RedruumRedruum Member UncommonPosts: 308

    I hear ya Skuly!


    Would people be intersted in watching the animated series live on my twitch channel?  I may stream it for people to watch soon.

  • skulyskuly Member UncommonPosts: 138

    Are all of the episodes on Youtube?  

    I'd rather watch them at my leisure.

    Processor: Intel Core I5-2320
    Memory: 8GB DDR3 RAM
    HDD: Samsung 830 256gb SSD-SATA3
    Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7950 3gb

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