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[CH] Kaizoku - Europeans Unite!



Welcome on our advertisement! We are Kaizoku, the Only guild made by Europeans, FOR Europeans. If you are one of the refugees of Tera EU, then here is your new Family. (Of course other regions are also welcome :D )

We are alligned with the Enlightened Union, and participate competively. We are mainly focused on endgame content and aiming to get the best gear available. spamming every dungeon every day. We provide guild runs, help each others while leveling, and whatever else you might need. 

Most of the time, there are about 10-20 of us online at a moment, but we're still looking for more people in search of a social guild! We use Raidcall to do so, and have our own Forum.
Also we try to make small events every few weeks, so there's always something to do here!

We accept all people of all classes, once you're above level 20. Anyone willing to join can either Apply to Kaizoku, or whisper/PM our guild Master Silithia, or our officers Kedros, Tonoge, or Gosha.Laso.

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