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Day One - Impressions/"Review" - UPDATED



  • DSWBeefDSWBeef Member UncommonPosts: 789
    A lot of the systems remind me of warframe. Lobby game with changing missions, seemless class change, guild halls, ect ect. I love WF so im enjoying it so far. We shall see if I continue too.

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  • PemminPemmin Member UncommonPosts: 623

    felt like a improved version of vindictus to me.

    haven't tried the pvp yet, but looking forward to it...i think how the classes are made up would make it interesting.

  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 7,657
    Like someone said earlier, the cap kind of is irrelevant at this point since it will probably be halved for f2p users . I assume the current cap will be that size for freemium or paying people and might need to still use the cash shop to exceed it. With that said though, if your excess is carried over for the following week, that's pretty good instead of the DCUO model where you can only access the excess via subbing. I wouldn't rule out DCUO's model in the end though. BTW, did they say how long the CBT is and how many they were going to have if they have multiple ones? Paying for one CBT feels a little cheated to me and I dont pay for early access lol.
  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,164
    Originally posted by mbrodie
    Originally posted by Ridrith

    So when it comes to questing this is what I've gotten so far:


    I had to go into a decently sized 'chunk' of an area, by chunk I mean it probably took me a whole 5-8 minutes to explore the area.  If that.  I had to kill groups of small, easy to kill rat people.  I had to run about and grab ritual torches and fix them up.  Then I had to destroy burrows, take on a little mini boss and then kill a few more slightly difficult mobs.  (Think minor elites or something.)  That was a whole quest area.  It took me roughly 15-18 minutes.


    Another quest area was a personal instance, I had to go to this robotics factory and bring down another mini-boss who had minor mechanics such as two robots who shot lasers at me while I was trying to turn on these control panels to shock the boss.  After hitting 5-6 control panels, his shield was knocked out and I had to bring him down.  Took me I believe 23 minutes.


    Third quest was to go into another personal instance area and take down these strange naga creatures who have been attacking a town.  I kill groups of weak enemies, kill a mini-boss, destroy some eggs and then I had to kill another boss.  This time it was a duo.  A naga lady who tossed out AoE attacks and then a big croc/crab hybrid who attacked me at the same time.  This took me about 20-25 minutes as well.


    Ummm so far it's been pretty standard honestly.  Kill mini-bosses, kill groups of weaker mobs, click on little quest things and then leave the area once you're finished.  At the end of a mission/quest area you get a little prompt that tells you how long it took you to complete the area and then rewards you with ability points for character advancement and some currency.

    Everything you have done thus far is pretty much tutorial stuff... later on the maps open right up and there is objectives / missions throughout a whole zone, which are color coded to show what the type of reward you'll get (in terms of the crystals you use to upgrade yourself) and they have solo dungeons / group dungeons etc... so it does open up a lot more, i know in the very first test they did which i had access to after getting a beta key from the facebook promotion they did last year they had a whole zone open which roughly took about 5 hours to get through



    I was also in that very first test and I remember everybody was in a city and could just run outside into the world and quest. It was open and not instanced. If you wanted to do the instances you took a teleport in the city that took you to the giant globe thing where you pick your instance.

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,800

    To me it feels a little like "scifi/fantasy hybrid" vindictus.

    At least as far as going from the hub to the missions.

    The voice acting IS horrible. And the writing is horrible.

    "you'll pay for this"

    How many times do we need to see that line in anything (at this point).

    I'll have to spend more time in the game. However, the npc characters, with their bad writing, just rubbed me the way.


  • DignaDigna Member UncommonPosts: 1,994
    Originally posted by Sovrath

    To me it feels a little like "scifi/fantasy hybrid" vindictus.

    At least as far as going from the hub to the missions.

    The voice acting IS horrible. And the writing is horrible.

    "you'll pay for this"

    How many times do we need to see that line in anything (at this point).

    I'll have to spend more time in the game. However, the npc characters, with their bad writing, just rubbed me the way.


    In their defense they did have a post specifically about the bad voice acting on the forums. Sort of 'We know it sucks, hang in while we replace it'

    For me the bigger issues (with the voiced portions of the quests) was that there wasn't any real reason to have them. Go talk to ...her. She talks. Okay go back to the 1st person and talk to her. The quality detracted from some that didn't have any real value to begin with.

  • EponyxDamorEponyxDamor Member RarePosts: 734
    Originally posted by Ridrith

    First Impressions:

    The World - Is HEAVILY instanced, you use the city as a central hub and you select missions/quests from the globe and go there to complete tasks.  The largest 'area' I've been to so far looked absolutely beautiful, but there are invisible walls everywhere you go.  The terrain is fantastic, but you only get to see roughly 10% of an area that looks like it would be fun as hell to explore out in the open.  You can not swim (at least in the locations I've been to, it automatically forces your character to turn around.)

    Combat - The combo system is pretty damn interesting and being able to change your class on the fly and at any given time is pretty great as well.  It certainly helps to keep it fresh.  I've been sticking with the paladin thus far and it's been fun, but the progression is a tidbit slow.  Though to be fair I've only spent roughly 7-8 hours in game throughout the day.  (I had a D&D game to go to!)

    Cash Shop - Not in the game yet.  There are a few MAJOR warning signs though that scare me, item enhancement stones being the major one from ranks 1-3.  To upgrade your gear, it costs enhancement stones AND in-game currency.  You'll be able to use the Argents as they are called, are the cash shop currency to trade in for in-game credits based on how it read.

    Gear - When you pick up an item IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE WAY YOUR CHARACTER LOOOOOKS!  It's very similar to The Secret World in that you unlock outfits by completing missions/quests and no doubt you'll be able to purchase them for the cash shop currency and in-game currency to farm.

    WEEKLY LIMITS!  There are WEEKLY limits on how many credits/ability points you can earn.  I believe it's roughly 10,000 ability points and 60,000/600,000 credits (I can't remember which.)  I guess this is to prevent grinding/gold bots.  I'm not really sure.

    INVENTORY - You can purchase inventory spots with in-game currency.  That's pretty cool and it's relatively cheap.  You can also use cash shop currency.


    I forgot to mention one important thing!  The Voice Acting is -TERRIBLE-.  Some of it is serviceable, some of it you can ignore...  But damn.  I don't think there's a single person in that game that who provides a line of dialogue with any ounce of emotion behind it.  The fellow who takes you through your class/character customization has a little bit, but beyond that everybody is more or less lifeless in that department.  I'm hoping it's because closed beta, because you know...  Closed beta!  If not though, here's to hoping they go back and change that!  It's bad!



    The weekly limits are set very high for CBT, I wouldn't expect them to stay so high once the game goes into OBT/Launch. So I see the weekly cap being a problem for many people if that's the case.


    Also, the voice acting is not at all complete, and they even stated as much. It's just a place holder.

  • RidrithRidrith Member RarePosts: 645


    So as it stands right now the game has more or less stayed the same, I've gotten to a number of 'open' areas but keep in mind that these places are still not NEARLY as open or as expansive as one might expect from a true MMO.  This game is very much like Vindictus or C9 in comparison when it comes to the missions.  The large questing areas have zero side quests.  You teleport into the area, there's generally a single NPC in front of you who either gives you basic lore/info or actually provides you with a quest.  Beyond that as soon as you enter a location all of the quests in the area are shown in a list to the right side of your screen.  Most quests continue to be:  Kill these small groups of lifeless mobs in the fields who don't move, click on an item to get credit, kill things and pick something up, etc, etc.  It's all very standard.


    BOSS FIGHTS - They're starting to become tedious and drawn out.  Most big bosses have x10 health bars and their mechanics rarely change throughout the fight.  There are a few notable examples of the bosses getting one or two more skills as you tear through  their health, but for the most part it starts to become obnoxious as you sit there and bash them again and again.  (Especially as a paladin.)


    Classes - Cryomancer, there's really no other reason to play the other two classes at this point.  I'm the type of player who despises caster classes in all things RPG, I never play them.  So with Paladin being my only melee option I went with that and stuck with it.  I can kill things easily enough, but when switching to Cryomancer it becomes painfully obvious just how weak the paladin is.  The Cryomancer does more damage, can slow targets and you can mostly find yourself kiting most moving boss fights.  (There are a great number of bosses who like to sit in the middle of the room and not move, only spitting out mechanics at you.)


    Character Progression - For most players who don't look up information on either the actual Skyforge website or some type of guide, few will ever figure out just how in-depth the system gets.  Sadly that's probably going to hurt them badly.  You have to go through and get your ultimate ability before unlocking the higher atlas tiers where you can start to try to go towards new classes, etc.  It's a time investment.  Not a huge one, but it's one that will probably take long enough that it will leave a bad, very narrow impression of character advancement on a lot of people.  (It did with me at first, but I powered through it despite not really enjoying myself at the time.  I'm still kind of there at this point.)


    Combat - My wrist/fingers hurt.  There's very little skill involved in the combo system, as you slash with your left click you'll find new skills open up on your right mouse button depending on how many clicks you've cycled through.  One is an uppercut for the paladin, an AoE lightning strike and then a double-triple slash attack along with their executioner ability that you can use, their special AoE abilities and their 'ultimate' abilities.  Dodge is also freaking useless as far as I can tell.  Most projectiles/spells/melee hits still connect with you no matter what.  There are only a few abilities that bosses do that dodge is useful with.  Most of which are just 'get out of the fire' on the ground type mechanics.  So don't go in expecting GW2 level stuff here.


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