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[H] Los Angeles based raiding guild.

DeathleviDeathlevi Member Posts: 2
<Addict> is a newly reformed raiding guild on the Drak'Tharon server cluster. We were once Kingslayers in Wotlk. 

In principle we only recruit active raiders who live and work in Greater Los Angeles. Think of this as an opportunity to join a community of friends more so than a simple guild. Be willing to associate outside of the game. Got tickets to Coachella and EDC? Join us. Westside/Hollywood bars on the weekend? Join us. Flag football on the Santa Monica beach? Join us. Equinox gym all day, every day except Tuesday/Wednesday? Join us. 

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday, Wednesday – 6:00 – 10:00 PM PST

We will occasionally run a little later to ensure we obtain our goals for the evening. 


• Live in the Greater Los Angeles area. 
• We use Ventrilo as our communication program. You need to have it downloaded and you need a working microphone.
• You must be able to make our raid schedule. We understand that emergencies come up; we ask that you contact an officer if you cannot make a raid for any reason.
• We are not care bears. You must be able to take criticism. We can teach you how to play. 
• Our bank provides consumables and repairs. You should always carry extra in case we do not have a surplus to hand out for any reason.

Please contact the RealID below to set up an interview.


You may also reply here with your RealID and we can touch base with you in game.
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