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Ex Inferno is looking for Guilds!!!

phiderphider Member UncommonPosts: 7

Hi everyone

Ex Inferno is a community of gamers in online games, which nurish and maintain a friendly, mature but at the same time competitive environment for players of all types. It is a community of players which share the same interrests, namely Online Games!

Right now, we are looking to expand our community and playerbase, and that might involve you?!!!

We have proven through 10+ years that it is possible to have high performance in-game progression, while still being able to maintain a strong community and people oriented focus across all our game titles. We are able to sustain and keep both on-going, and are right now at the end tiers in Wildstar, SW:TOR, World of Warcraft, Archeage, H1Z1 and even Mindcraft.

Currently on the WoW front, we have an active and progressing Horde and Alliance raiding guild on the American side and would like to expand our territory.

If you are the Guild Master of a guild and would like to become part of our great community, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Please get in contact with us at


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