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Spectral Legion [NA/DC] | PvP/PvE/Crafting

Spectral Legion is recruiting for Elder Scrolls Online!

Who are we?
Spectral Legion was founded with 7 values in mind. Those values are respect, equality, ethics, positive gaming environment, open door policy, quality of gaming life, and privacy. We feel these values are the core for creating a strong, social gaming community. We could be grouping together, doing a dungeon, or raid, or playing a drinking game on TeamSpeak3. Currently we have three supported MMO chapters including Elder Scrolls Online. We offer a chance to join a Guild that won’t self destruct over night due to drama. Our membership is based on quality, over quantity.

What is your gaming style?
Although we are mostly a PvP oriented guild for in ESO, we do not ignore PvE content. Constant groups are doing dungeons, crafting, and other content such as trails as well. Our PvP leaders will create a great environment for you to have fun in Cyrodiil and collect great knowledge on PvP builds and gearsets. Spectral Legion leaders will spend countless hours working together to create the best environment for our member base. The leadership group is in constant contact and work as one to continue the success of the chapter.

Recruitment Status
Spectral Legion are currently recruiting new members located to build upon our core of members from for our 24/7 presence in ESO. Our main faction focus will be the Daggerfall Covenant.

Plans for Guild Events include:

  • Guild hosted events
  • Farming groups, for things like skyshards
  • Dungeon groups, vet pledges and the like
  • Organized Trials
  • Organized Cyrodiil Guild PVP, as well as small interference groups
  • A great community, leadership has been at this for a long time
  • Active leadership, 4+ years
  • Experienced players to help all levels of gamers

What principles guide our guild?
The most important thing in any MMO is that guild members are having fun. Spectral Legion is a zero/low drama guild of friends who like to spend time online together. We have every type of player ranging from casual 5 hours a week to hardcore 50 hours a week. No matter the time commitment, you will not be turned down.

Leadership will do everything we can to ensure the quality of Spectral Legion. We’re not just another guild. We will be respected by our allies. We will be feared by our enemies. This is the last guild that you will ever need.

Check us out!

@Wraithen@War101, @Toxotria@Nsain, @Somnia


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