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Destiny Xbox360 Clan: Gummy Bearz of DnD are currently looking for/recruiting new members!

Zodiacalpoem523Zodiacalpoem523 Member Posts: 1



Gummy Bearz of D&D is a Humorous Clan intended to bring laughs while helping each other actively run raids/Weekly Heroic Strikes/Daily Heroic Strikes/PVP and anything else that catches someones eye. This is a Clan Geared for 18+ aged Active Gamer Members for the xbox 360. If your looking for a easy way to collect end game content while drinking a beer and having a laugh then this is the Clan your Looking For!!!!!


Gummy Bearz of DnD Official Bungie.net Clan page ... Go check it out!:



Gummy Bearz of DnD Official Facebook page:



Gummy Bearz of DnD Official twitter page:


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