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Why do Sandboxes create small worlds?



  • AxehiltAxehilt Member RarePosts: 10,504
    Originally posted by Foomerang That would definitely work. And I agree, I do not want to engage in a boring activity. Hard to define boring except we can agree that sometimes being forced to do basically nothing can be boring. Also something to consider is the overall game aesthetic you are going for. So lets create scarcity without mandatory downtime. We can make a drop rate very low. This might make a particular dungeon become popular and ran by many players to get a rare item. Side effect would be a surplus of all other common items in that dungeon.
    We could create scarcity by increasing difficulty. But that would create exclusivity that may or may not be wanted.
    With time based scarcity, you can control the flow of said item entering the game space while also including players who have the time but not the skill to be an effective participant.
    So now we come to the term boring again. For me at least, my boredom wildly varies on my mood. Sometimes, the same activity can be boring or stimulating at different scales of my own emotional status.
    I guess in the end all I can really get behind is that forced uptime or downtime, or forced anything is not great game design. Given the opportunity to choose between activities which could fit whatever mood i am in seems to be the best (for me at least)

    Definitely a big fan of things which are scarce because they're challenging to farm.

    And yeah, in the end it's really just about letting players choose what kind of fun they have inside your game.  If you don't, players are just going to make the same choice outside your game. (ie choosing not to play your game.)

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