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Warrior Nation is recruiting NA shadowbane REP

WNxbadboy3WNxbadboy3 Member UncommonPosts: 187

Warrior Nation

Server: Shadowlands
Faction: Republic
VOIP:  Dedicated Mumble server and Teamspeak
Language: English
Age Requirement :  13
Members:  600+
Age Span:  13-60

 http://youtu.be/Z1YoHIB-EZU Warrior Nation RPG Recruitment video

Warrior Nation [WNx] is now recruiting new members to join our great gaming community. We are hoping for a  small presence in Star Wars and have high hopes to becoming one of the most successful clans in game. We love to have new members and enjoy gaming at its finest.  We are in need of tanks and healers currently and we are raiding again.   We are also interested in having pvp'ers along with casual players as well.  There is no level restriction as of right now.   Currently we are recruiting for both factions, but we are mostly active on our Republic side and would love to try and get our Imperial side just as active.

 Who is   (WNx)Warrior Nation? - History Lesson

Warrior Nation is a global multi-genre, multi-platform gaming community which has been a presence in the wider online gaming community since 1998. We have over  600 active members spread across 48 different games that cover PS3, PS4, XBox 360, XBox One, PC, Mobile. Our goal is to take over the world and support some of the best games out there.

Firstly,  Warrior Nation  is a huge international community with members in almost every country, across a wide range of games.   The nation has a clear leadership structure which allows us to grow each day and improve on our core beliefs, enjoying a good game! We are all about enjoying gaming, taking part in competitions/fun events and meeting new people.  We take part in all content of the game and just have a great time, otherwise whats the point?!

-::- To Join -::-


What You get if You join us:

You get a nice community to play with and you won't have the feeling that you are playing alone. Also we use VOIP both in-game and third party softwares, such as Mumble and Teamspeak  to communicate with our fellow members and in-game members.

You will have a place where You can share Your thoughts, ideas and participate in chilling or funny discussions, when we are not in the game.

You will have the opportunity to participate in contests and lotteries made by clan members..

These words are: I want to join!

Please feel free to have a chat with me or any other WNx member. You can send me a PM in the game or contact me by any one of the details listed below:

IGN: Sheph
xFire: AniFan29
Email: [email]wnxazia@yahoo.com[/email]

IGN: Nikldas (pub) or Wnxvegetto (imp)
xFire: vegetto71
Email:  prince_ssjvegeta71@yahoo.com

IGN WNxArcticwolf
Xfire alientech1
skype wnxbadboy3
steam wnxbadboy3

Thanks for taking the time to read this thread and I hope to speak to some of you soon and possibly get some new members signed up for our Star Wars  section!
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