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Any single-player/Online and/or MMO's similar to Dead Space *3* ?

KrelianKrelian Member UncommonPosts: 384

Well, first of all, allow me to apologise in case this thread has been posted in the wrong forum section.

I am looking for a game similar to Dead Space 3, be it online and/or offline.

BUT, what the heck do I mean by ''Dead Space 3'' ? Survival horror, ''sorta rpg elements'', etc?

Please allow me to explain, bros!

What im looking for is;

-A game with a sci-fi setting.

-Preferably played from a third-person perspective.

-Preferably survival-horror elements, (preferably, BUT its NOT a ''must'').

-Get to customize the appearance of my character via selecting different suits of armor etc.

-Get to customize the ''stats'' on my armor (or otherwise a similar ''leveling-up'' system or something).

-The ability to choose and customize my weaponry (or to be able to build'em from ground-up'').

-Some sort of main storyline missions along with ''freeform/side-mission'' gameplay.

And basically; here is a list of game that I have already tried/played etcatera; Mass Effect Series, Deux Ex Series, Wasteland 2, Wildstar, SWTOR, STO, Firefall, KOTOR I&II, Fallout Series, Dead Space Series (Well, du'h :D ), Eye; Divine Cybermancy, and XCOM games (not really what im looking for right now, but anywho :P )...... and maybe im forgetting something... 

Much appriciated if anyone could help me solve this puzzle :D


  • ReklawReklaw Member UncommonPosts: 6,495

    May I suggest Dying Light?

    Can not compare it to Deadspace which I also love. But to me it''s the better survival/zombie open world game. And co-op is sweet......


  • KrelianKrelian Member UncommonPosts: 384

    @Reklaw: An excellent suggestion, sir.

    But, may I inquire about the ''single player qualities'' of the game (Dying Light) ?

    Is it possible to complete the main campaign and sidequests in single player and is the game STILL fun in your opinion even when its played without the aid of other players? (Yes, I know, its all VERY SUBJECTIVE, so im asking for your OPINIONS, as I said :) ) ?

    I am asking this coz im playing Dead Space 3 in ''couch-COOP'' mode with a friend. I have 2 computers. One of them is a rather uber and very new stationary computer, the other one is a laptop.... an ASUS ROG laptop from 2011's. The ROG plays Deadspace 3 without breaking a sweat on highest settings (connected to a (ultra) HD tv), BUT I fear it might not fare as well when playing a new game such as Dying Light... I suppose I should inquire further into this issue, matching my Asus specs with the recommended system requirements of the game. Can also post it here if anybody is interested. 

    And I just have a few more questions, if I may. 

    Even though the game is played in first person shooter mode (which I think it is), do we still get to customize the clothing of our character? Is there an inventory screen of sorts where we can see him/her dressed? Can we choose to outfit ourselves in some or other sort of armor, or anything like that?


    PS! Why am I talking wierd like that? Coz im brainwashed by the uber-awesome scavenger bots (with personality pack DLC) in Deadspace 3. They just sound so polite, funny and ......... so very British :D



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