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Linkrealms... again

LerxstLerxst Member UncommonPosts: 646

I'm going to post this for some greater potential of getting people interested again. Linkrealms, when I played it back in 2010 was a very pretty game to be a part off. Yes, pretty. It was a lot like UO with a major graphics overhaul and some great looking animations.

It was lacking some features though, features that made UO and the other early games what they were. PvP was one major feature as well as rule sets that allowed for that type of play style.


What it did have though, was crafting, gardening, dungeon grinding, house building, huge variety of armor and weapons, some more gardening, and some more crafting! There was also one time my garden became overrun by gnomes that kicked my ass every time I stepped foot outside! Gnomes! Little guys in pointy hats... invading my garden like insects!


It's also FREE. Not as in those crappy, micro-transaction-you-to-death Korean games free, but really, truly free. You pay for some bonus items that add bling and you can pay a monthly sub fee for a realm which lets you design a house to store stuff and other bonuses. But the entire game is still free, and also have a community area you can do most of the things you can also have in your house.


Anyhow, a new update has just been announced that will introduce a full-loot PvP server with online GMs and other major changes to the game. Testing starts this Friday and the release will be within a few weeks after that, according to an official email and forum post by the devs. Once open beta/release comes around, it would definitely be worth checking out for anyone who might have tried in the past or didn't know about it until now.



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